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Impact of Google on Social Media Marketing

Google is becoming a big business giant with the passage of every day. Google shopping to short link generator and other features makes it the most desirable amongst the people. Google is currently in serious discussions about buying $ 4 billion in stock from Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani. People with knowledge of the company want to connect the rival company Facebook Inc. to pursue the # 1 location in the rich e-commerce and e-commerce market universe. This is similar to the struggle of companies to gain a more significant foothold in the stock market.

Meaning of Jio and its function

Google said the investment by Jio Platforms Ltd., an energy conglomerate, into a domestic technology magnet that will compete with the Marketplace. To attract Silicon Valley investors now earning $ 16 billion on Facebook, KKR & Co., as well as many others in the past three months, achieving high positions in inventory The organization has become Jio's appeal is being called Jio's vision measure to change its According to anonymous source information may appear within a few months.
Role in the Economy

Each technology leader is looking for different methods to enter the Indian sector. Every month, countless web users are added to this number for the first time. Jio Platforms attracts nearly 400 million customers through the wireless community and provides the broadest base of these users. The latter buy consumer products online and download audio and video using Jio's cheap tablets and data services at discounted prices. If they get a deal with Google, it could further elevate Jio's balance to pursue other e-commerce, content loading, digital payments, education, and health in India. This could mean over a billion customers, more potential dealers, etc.
Investor for the same

It is offering companies a way to spend money from multiple vendors. Qualcomm Inc. is the latest. The announcement was not exclusive and Google's cloud plan focused on China. This marks India, one of the remaining digital markets where Google can continue to grow. It's also a state where Google has made some investments in engineering and providing things like payments and healthcare.

With Jio, I was adding value to the stock market for $ 65. The latest in the rising Jio record among famous investors, such as Intel's billion. Capital, Silver Lake Partners, etc. In 2012, Reliance signed a 10-year contract with Microsoft Corp. Google is and is widely investing in companies through its Warren Buffett only in the past couple of days. He's currently number six on the list of—World's ten wealthiest individuals. Ambani has a net worth of about $72.4 billion; he has Venture capital units and away from its own balance sheet. A $4 billion investment would be the giant Google has made in a business outside of the U.S.
Role of Google on the Indian Society

It is continually expanding its presence in the Indian market, such as Facebook. Earlier this week, the company announced that it intends to invest $ 10 billion over the next seven decades to accelerate the assimilation of needed digital technologies in the country. This sum could be paid, among other things, to partnerships and equity interests, India goods such as Saathi online service.

The support aims to attract rural girls online, which is very important due to the culture change and Google Pay's approval, which has helped a lot in similar situations. Google Over the past ten decades, Google has created many jobs and Hyderabad. Since then, the Indian company has become one of their organization's most valuable assets. India now has over 500 million net users (directly behind China), and with the expansion, it has become the perfect decoy for many U.S. investors, companies, and dealers.