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Before I came across this video, I hadn't thought overly much about saving any whales, especially not specifically the Baltic Harbour Porpoise. I hadn't thought overly much about any creature in the ocean, really except maybe the dolphins after viewing "The Cove" and the whales in the south after watching "Whale Wars." The imagery of this video, though, definitely caught my attention. The coloring of the video in black and white is, at first, very tranquil, as is the freedom of the whales swimming around and catching the fish. But after the whale is caught, the sound suddenly disappears and is replaced only by the noise of empty, hollow bubbles. The black and white color scheme becomes sad, making their message to take action to save these whales stand out even more. I often wonder how effective campaigns such as this are at actually causing people to change; actually causing people to get out and try to make an impact on something in the world. In my younger years, I thought that I, too, might do something courageous like Pete Bethune and leap onto a Japanese whaling boat, fighting for the cause that stirs my heart. It's the pessimist in me that says most people, myself included, will watch this video. And probably, they'll feel sad for a moment. Maybe, like me, they'll write a post somewhere expressing their sadness at the prospect of such beautiful animals, of any animal, dying in this way. And then, most move on.
I think you are right, you're being a bit pessimistic @greggr but with the popularity of these films and video projects, but the relatively small (compared to the number of viewers) number of people that actually changed to help in some way is sad. I've been watching to check out Black Fish @nisfit so maybe I'll watch it soon.
@nisfit I have not yet seen it; I confess I spend more time with books than documentaries. I hope that the activists stirred by that film continue to feel that passion as time continues on.
I think that the recent documentary, Black Fish, really had an effect on its audience. Sea World has been under fire by more than just the usual social activists since the release of that film. Have you seen it?