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Training and massage

You know the feeling - after having trained hard the day before and waking up being sore in your entire body. Especially when you are out of shape or have just started on a new sport. But what can you do to reduce this soreness and get ready for training again in a hurry? Some suggest you should just ignore it, others to train even more, but many recommend getting a good body massage and some will tell you to relax for a while. But what is the best thing to do? Before we look at that, let's find out why we get sore after training.

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Why the whole body hurts after training

Sore muscles after hard physical activity, is typical known as delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS as most call it. This is something that can occur when you start a new exercise programme, workout harder than normal, make changes to your exercise routines, or just increase the duration or intensity of your normal workout.
Basically it means that when your muscles are forced to work harder than they are used to, or you use them in a different way than normally it causes additional damage to the muscle fibres, which causes tiny infections in the muscle. This often results in stiffness and soreness, which can actually be pretty painful sometimes.
Earlier people thought that DOMS was due to a heavy build up of lactic acid in the body, but this has since been disapproved.
Normally we see DOMS in people who are new to sports or fitness, but actually anyone can experience delayed onset muscle soreness, even people with many years of training experience or pro athletes. Even tho it can be annoying or painful, it will just make your body stronger afterward. That is, if you give it enough time to recover.

What can you do to reduce muscle soreness after training?

There are several ways to minimize the problems with delayed muscle soreness due to increased training or different types of training. But two things are normally more effective than others. The most effetive way is getting a good body massage. They are many types of massages, such as traditional chinese massage, massage Aalborg, sports massage, wellness massage and a few other types, and which a few of them may be a little bit better than others almost all of them are a useful tool to combat DOMS. The reason for this is that when you massage the muscle fibers, you loosen up everything and remove some of the stiffness. You also force the muscle to release some of the toxins and inflamations stored in the muscle fibers, which removes some of the additional pressure on the muscle fibers, which also leads to reduced pain or soreness. Not only is a massage great for reducing mucle soreness, it also reduces stress, improves bloodflow in your body, gives you a feeling of wellness and happiness just to mention a few of the benefits you get from a good massage.

Another thing you can do to reduce soreness or muscle pain related to training, is to train some more. This may sound like a bad idea, but light training, and i mean LIGHT, as in walking, or weight training with 1/5 of your normal weight, actives your muscles in a good way, increase blood flow to the muscles or reduce inflamation and toxins.
For instance if you have been training hard on the Airtrack and is sore the day after, try go for a 5 mile walk, followed by a little stretching, a little Yoga or some light gymnastic training. You will be surprised how much of the pain is gone after such a simple workout.

For me howerver - massage is the most effective tool to combat DOMS. Normally I get a full body massage during the evening, especially if I have been doing a lot of sports earlier in the day. So I would go as far as saying that training and massage go hand in hand and is something more people really should consider. So if you are tried of being sore because of training, do yourself a favor and try a good massage.

That was a little information about how you can reduce the soreness you sometimes experience after training, and what is causing it. Stay tuned for more sports and fitness information.
There is nothing better than a good massage after work out a long trip on the paddleboard.