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Can you guess what I had last night? Just so you know, I did think of you and I made you some.....who am I referring too? All of my vingle friends of course!! (*_*)
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@ameliasantos10 ahahahha you soo funny and yeah i agree @Sjeanyoon we all should hang out, that would be fun, i would like that a lot and @pipeline can join us too, the weather will be warm to cool, thats the best time to do s'mores i would say....
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@cheerfulcallie well i just want the best for you sis! hahah not trying to be funny at all! VERY serious lol yes @sjeanyoon and @pipeline you guys should totally join us in this gathering :)
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U can't say its summer without some s'more!! Non nom nom
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@pixiececi totally with you on this one! i kind of miss hanging out by a bon fire and just make some s'mores!!
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