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NU'EST Media Monday 🖥❤

Hello Love! Today is NU'EST Media Monday! Since it's JR Week, let's enjoy one of his videos together.

*credit video to owner

Until next time Love!

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What I Love
Hello lovelies! Since Wanna One is still pretty new there isn't too much we can post on at the moment so me and the girls this week will be posting about what we love about our members/bias(s).😊 I'm gonna try not to get carried away and make these very long. But since my repping Minhyun and Sungwoon I'm gonna make this card into two parts. So the first thing I love about Minhyun is his personality. This boy is nothing less than a ball of sunshine. He without a doubt makes the world a brighter place. When he smiles you can't help but to smile. He's so kind and modest and always cares for his fellow members and loves them dearly (especially in NU'EST) 2). His voice Oh my gosh I swear this boys voice was a gift from the gods His voice has always captivated me and gives me goosebumps. It's so steady and smooth. Not to mention relaxing. I could go on and on but I'll let these do the talking for me My favorite! I'm still kicking myself for this existed! Minhyun singing Half Moon is life❤️ And lastly his visuals....holy hell. Now I'm not one to like an idol on their looks and looks alone I always focus on their personalities first. But you'd have to be blind to deny that this man is sexy af! Like his looks must be a gift from the heavens as well! I mean just look! Phew well I hope everyone survived that little spam cause I sure didn't...I know Nina didn't either. From now on I will be speaking to you all from my grave. And to think this boy isn't even my bias but I do love him to pieces. Well I'm off to make part 2 so be on the lookout for why I love Sungwoon~ **if you would like to be tagged or untagged comment below** WANNA ONE Squad: @QueenyCrossGene @JiyongLeo @Infinitekiss @producewannaone @akiramarie13 @KenyaMendoza Wannable Tag List: @CrookedShadow @kitkatkpop @infinitysky @destiny1419 @Changkyunnie @turntuptae @SisAH @CristalTrujillo @ParkKyungSoon @ShannonSaysHey @cathysanchez157
[CLOSED] Announcing: Vingle President Recruitment
--Current recruitment for these Communities has closed. Please check your communities for notifications on the next recruitment period!-- Hello Vinglers! Three months ago, we welcomed our Pioneers who bravely took on the role of first President of their Communities. Now that their term has ended, these Communities will be open for applicants who want to take on the responsibility! The registration period for Presidential Candidates starts December 3 and will end on December 11. Current Presidents are allowed to re-apply for their spot, and new members of the Commuity are encouraged to apply as well! On December 12, your Community will have 1 week to vote. The results of the voting will be released in real time and anonymous of course! If only one person is running for President, they will become President without a vote. To apply: Click the link of the Community you want to apply for below and fill out the application - A.C.E AOMG Astro BAP BTS BamBam Bigflo CROSSGENE Chanyeol Cheerleading ChoiYoungJae Funny Got7 Infinite JJProject Jimin KimYugYeom Kpop MarkTuan NCT NU'EST OnePiece Pentagon Quotes Straykids SuperJunior T.O.P TRCNG TVXQ Travel WINNER iKON If the community you want to be President for is not on the list, visit the Community and see if you can apply to be Pioneer! For Communities with Pioneers that were appointed a bit after the very first round of Pioneers, a "President registration banner" will be posted automatically and notifications will be sent out to remind you that you can apply when their term ends :) Many, many thanks to the wonderful Pioneers that cared so much for their Communities as our very first Presidents! @galinda @caricakes @jazminramirez9 @kpopandkimchi @QueenPandaBunny @immortalartist @Starbell808 @Yugykookie97 @MelissaGarza @Luna1171 @MaeLyn @Sugakookiev @TaylorHill5 @DefSoul1994 @WinKonVIP @Akiramarie13 @QueenyCrossGene @Just2BLoved @BTSMicDrop @Twistedpdnim @HeonyStar @Awkwardjazzy @YulaGyeom @ESwee @Halsyeon @Changkyunie @Kangyoochans @royalpandajedi @SweetDuella @Baekyeol27 @MonstaHyungwonX @LiyahBoon @CLAKPOP @VeronicaArtino Good Luck!