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"Yara with her soulful and soft vocals meets Tino Favazza, a Sicilian tenor. They come together to create a fusion where the Oriental music meets Opera." Most people will recognize "Funiculi Funicula" from popular culture and what the media and entertainment tells us is Italian music, and those familiar with Arabic popular music likely recognizes "Salma Ya Salama," written all the way back in 1919. But I doubt anyone (including myself) has ever heard the two put together! This Italian-Arabic fusion song is FANTASTIC. I actually had a physical reaction to the sounds of this song, it was so good. I highly recommend that everyone listen to this incredible mashup!
What a unique combination! I don't think I could have thought of this myself. And they go so well together! I love the chorus of "Salma Ya Salama" especially when the tenor singer joins in. This is wonderful!
@peteryang292 agreed! Kyle, this was incredible! I love the contrast between Yara's soft voice and the tenor's booming voice!