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Today I'm gonna introduce a lure that I like to use on a nearby lake that I believe is stocked with smallmouth, otherwise it's just got an abundance of them bass there. The hula grub is a soft plastic bait made by tournament fisher Gary Yamamoto, In the double tail version, which comes in a few different sizes, it's got a skirted tail on one end, and 2 "legs" on the other end. The reason this lure is so effective is simply because it imitates everything all at once. It's not aiming to look exactly like bait, or to look like a crawfish. Instead, it creates movement that will wiggle, move, and get even the slowest moving bass to strike. The reason I prefer the double tail hula grub is simple: it has two tails, and endless possibilities. It is possible to modify it to fit any rigging, any bottom style, any water conditions. It's the perfect all purpose bass lure. You can drop shot rig it to keep it off the bottom, you can rig with with a skirt lure or a spinner to pull it thru midwaters when the bass are out and moving. It's a lure with a lot of possibility, and leaves room for creativity. The bait comes in at least 20 colors, but for me, you really need three colors: dark green (#194), black (#021), and a brown (#131) with some flakes in it to get it some shine. I'll try to add some more clear examples of how to rig this as a bass rig in my collection Best Bass Fishing Rigs (
@happyrock you know these legs do get torn off after a couple of fish, but you can use them paired with other types of lures still so its not a total waste
@happyrock I think you'll get 15 to 20 fish at least on these before they get too torn up
@mcgraffy yeah, they seem like they'll get caught a bit. but I guess there's the option to adapt. not sure I wanna invest still
Do you have any problems with this lure getting torn up after only a few fish? I've had similar lures before and experienced some frustration because they fall apart quickly.