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I'm a fan of the 8-inch Castaic Trout Lure. This lure gets its name from Castaic Lake in California, where the bass are huge because they eat so much of rainbow trout from a nearby hatchery. The real appeal of this lure is, like other realistic lures, in the fact that it looks very much like a rainbow trout. This trout really has action that looks just like a real trout, wobbling wide and not too fast. You gotta use the 8 or 9" lure though, because the 6" lure doesn't get the same action--it fails to wobble at all. Now, this lure does have one real downside if you try to use it straight out of the box, and that is the hook. While the hook placement is alright, its only a single hook, and because of the weight of the lure, a big bass is going to easily throw the lure with a few big head jerks. You can remedy this, though, to make the lure even more useful by adding a second hook to the backside of the lure. If you do this, your chances of setting a hook even if the bass tries to throw the lure increase dramatically, and then you won't have lures flying back at your face when the big ones get free. The newer models, though, do have better hooks--check out the third image. You can see that there are 3 treble hooks, making it way more effect at the actual act of setting the hook.
@happyrock I actually don't believe it was, I think this was a specific model that came with a treble hook
Had the lure in the first image already been adjusted to have a treble hook?