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How to setup Brother printer to Windows PC?

Brother is one of the top brands for printers. You can easily find multi-functional Brother printers at a very good range. This printer model is also very famous among home users due to easy setup and access. If you are setting up Brother printer on your device for the first time then you can follow the mentioned steps for proper printer installation.

Unboxing Brother printer

1. Open the box and place the printer in a clean and flat surface
2. Take out the ink cartridge
3. Check for driver CD, USB cable and the power cord
4. Remove the protective plastic covering from printer and cartridge
5. Peel off the protective tapes and clips from the cartridge
6. Connect the power cord to the printer and plug into the wall outlet
7. Now press the power button of your printer and your printer will get turned on

Installing the Brother printer driver

You need to install the printer driver on your device to communicate with the printer. You can use the driver CD which you have received with the printer or you can also install the setup from the internet. For PCs and laptops with a disc drive, you can easily insert the CD and run the driver. But if new laptop models don’t have disc drives usually. You can get the setup from the Brother printer website. You can download and install the setup for Brother printer driver on your device. After installing the setup, you can easily connect the printer to the computer and take printouts.

Brother Printer Wireless Setup

If you have a wireless network at your home then you can connect the printer to the network and then take printouts easily without using the USB cable. Here are the steps for Brother printer wireless setup:

1. Turn on Brother printer
2. Go to the printer control panel
3. Click on Menu button
4. Press the arrow key and go to Network option
5. Hit the OK button
6. Again press the arrow key and choose WLAN
7. Press the OK button
8. Navigate to Setup Wizard and press OK button
9. A wizard will appear on your printer screen
10. Click on Yes button

Printer will start checking for the network. A list of available networks will appear on the screen. Select your network and hit the OK button. If your network is password protected then enter the key and hit the OK button. For the open system, click on the Next button. After making connections with the network, the printer will start searching for the driver. If you haven’t installed the driver yet then install it immediately. Now change the Brother Printer Default Password to ensure that only authentic people can have access to your printer. Now take a test print from your Brother printer to ensure that your printer is configured successfully. You should place the printer near the access point for good speed.

Connecting Brother Printer via USB

Connecting the printer with a USB cable is very simple and you can take the printouts with good speed. Make sure have installed the printer driver and then follow the given steps:
Connect the Brother printer to PC with the USB cable
Wait until the PC recognize the connection

1. Go to the Printers
2. Click on your printer from the list
3. Click on Set as Default option
4. Now try to take the printout
5. Check the paper sheets on the input tray
6. Go to the PC and open a file you want to print
7. Press Ctrl and P keys from your keyboard
8. Windows print wizard will appear
9. Check the settings and hit the Print button

Your Brother printer will start printing your document. In case your Brother printer is showing any kind of error while printing then you can directly contact the Brother printer team for help.