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Pensamientos de un ingeniero especializado en vehículos eléctricos

"Los vehículos eléctricos son el futuro" ¿Cuántas veces hemos escuchado esta frase? Los medios de comunicación nos la recuerden constantemente, lo escuchamos por Internet, las compañías cada vez investigan más y más este tipo de motores...

Yo soy ingeniero especializado en automoción y los motores eléctricos no son nada nuevo, el primer vehículo alimentado por celdas eléctricas data de 1832, aunque no ha sido hasta la ploriferación de las baterías cuando se ha empezado a investigar, siendo Telsa el máximo referente en estos vehículos.

Cada vez hay más y más, desde coches hasta motos. Han aparecido servicios de alquiler temporal de vehículos en distintas partes de España, en Madrid tenemos a Wible, Barcelona a COOL... hasta las Islas Canarias tienen el suyo propio, bautizado como Lovesharing.

¿A dónde quieres llegar Pastor? ¿Qué quieres decirnos con todo esto? Pues es sencillo, la evolución natural de los vehículos es esta. Poco a poco los talleres mecánicos de barrios irán desapareciendo ya que este tipo de transportes requieren muchísimo menos mantenimiento al no tener tantas piezas móviles ni necesitar tantas reparaciones. Pero al igual que los carruajes han desaparecido, ahora le toca el turno a los coches de combustión interna.

El futuro es incierto, hace 1 año nadie pensaba que estaríamos encerrados en casa durante meses y temiendo a un virus. Al igual que mañana podría hacerse un descubrimiento que borre de un plumazo los motores eléctricos, por digamos, motores nucleares de fusión fría.

Sirva este mensaje como introducción para una serie de mensajes que iré escribiendo sobre el estado actual y el futuro inminente.

¡Nos vemos en la próxima!
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Electric Scooter Sharing Systems - Why You Should Get One
A remote-controlled electric scooter (RCE) is a self-propelled stand-up electric scooter with either a battery or an electric motor. Classified usually as a mini-micro-motor, these electric scooters are usually constructed with a long, wide deck at the middle where the rider sits. To propel the vehicle, it pulls a front-wheel or an off-road rear-wheel-drive similar to a bicycle. The user controls the direction of the scooter by turning the handlebars. In many cases, they can also be controlled with hand movements, although this may be inhibited by the length of the arm. The concept was that the vehicles would be driven on sidewalks along the roads in the city. Many roads in major cities around the world have bicycle lanes on their major thoroughfares. The idea was that drivers could use these bicycle lanes as backyards to charge their electric scooter batteries. This technology met with some resistance, especially from the authorities in major cities, and was eventually discontinued. It is unlikely that it will gain any traction in the future. The design of an electric scooter makes it a comfortable ride for the rider. It has large, plush tires for a comfortable ride over curbs, curb, and sidewalks. Many scooters come equipped with airbags, which are always on the scooter to avoid sudden impacts. The tires conform to each curve and are not overly soft which allows for exceptional handling on turns. They are also well built, providing sufficient traction even under tough weather. The best electric scooters have good stopping power due to adequate braking systems. The braking systems include both the electric scooter's tires and the brake pads. Both are powered by an electric motor and have the advantage of being able to slow the scooter without using the engine. The system includes both clutch and pedal-assist for stopping. The clutch helps prevent slipping and helps increase the stopping power. XR Urethane (XR) electric scooter wheels are constructed of a hard plastic material that resists dents, chips, and cracks. They are durable and provide superior traction. They have large, air-filled tires that offer a comfortable ride on curbs, sidewalks, and all types of road surfaces. The wheels have a radius of about thirty-six inches and the tread has three grooves. Another advantage to purchasing a vehicle similar to an electric scooter is that it can be used as a substitute for public transportation. Many electric scooter users prefer to use these vehicles for shopping and other errands because they are more convenient than many of the public transportation options available. In addition, because electric scooters can travel up to forty miles on a single charge, you can visit several stores or restaurants without wasting your time. They are also good for people who work in large cities and do not feel safe riding on the buses or subways. The best electric scooters have different levels of speed and can accommodate riders of different weights. You should be aware that there are two main types of electric scooters: electric and gas-powered. Gas-powered models are typically faster but tend to be more expensive and have less power than their electric counterparts. There is also a difference in the way that the batteries charge. Gas-powered models tend to use lithium-ion batteries and are capable of reaching a maximum of about twenty-five miles per gallon of fuel. The best electric scooters have gasoline engines that propel them to a maximum of around ten miles per gallon. As you can see, there are a number of benefits to using electric scooter-sharing systems. This is the perfect time to sign up for a free electric scooter rental to start using on a daily basis. Using these machines will save you money on gas and you can continue to travel the same route every day without the hassle of traffic. A scooter-sharing system is an excellent investment.
Keunggulan Produk Timbangan OHAUS
Timbangan adalah alat yang dipakai melakukan pengukuran massa suatu benda. Timbangan/neraca dikategorikan kedalam sistem mekanik dan juga elektronik digital. Salah satu contoh timbangan adalah neraca pegas (dinamometer). Salah satu merek timbangan yang paling banyak digunakan yaitu OHAUS, brand internasional dengan banyak berbagai type produk ini paling banyak peminatnya. Anda bisa menemukan produk OHAUS dari distibutor yang menjual peralatan khusus laboratorium, semisalnya Ohaus MB120 Moisture Analyzers dengan Accuracy: 1 mg/0.01%, Capacity: 120g, Temperature: 40°C–230°C | Ohaus NV222 Portable Balances dengan Accuracy: 0.01g, Capacity: 220g, Type: Portable Balances | Ohaus AX622 Precision Balances dengan Accuracy: 0.01g, Calibration: External, Capacity: 620g, Type: Precision Balances. Profuk OHAUS ini terus berkembang setiap akan produksi timbangan dan alat laboratorium terkemuka ini. Produk dari OHASU ini meliputi dari berbagai macam timbangan (seperti timbangan analitik, timbangan semi-micro), moisture analyzer, ph meter dan pengukur air lainnya, hingga centrifuge. Anda bisa menemukan pilihan produk OHAUS sesuai selera di SAKA selaku distributor resmi yang menjual alat-alat Lab khususnya OHAUS Indonesia. Oleh karena itu berikut keunggulan dari produk OHAUS yang bisa anda ketahui, diantaranya.. Mudah Dibersihkan Draftshield Analitik. Draftshield Pioneer dirancang dengan semua panel kaca, termasuk tiga pintu geser. Semua panel mudah dilepas dan diganti, dan bersama dengan bagian bawah baja tahan karat, membuatnya cepat dan mudah dibersihkan. Indikator Tingkat Muka. Pioneer telah dirancang dengan indikator tingkat muka, sehingga pengguna dapat dengan cepat memastikan keseimbangannya setingkat sebelum digunakan. Pengaturan Lingkungan yang Dapat Dipilih. Tiga mode filter dan pelacakan nol yang dapat disetel menyesuaikan sensitivitas keseimbangan terhadap gangguan lingkungan, atau persyaratan aplikasi. Menghitung dengan Optimasi. Mode ini memungkinkan pengguna untuk menghitung berdasarkan berat bagian yang dihitung. Dengan optimalisasi, akurasi penghitungan ditingkatkan melalui penghitungan ulang otomatis berat barang. Persetase Mode Ohaus. Mode ini memungkinkan pengguna untuk menampilkan berat sampel sebagai persentase dari berat referensi. Readability : 0.1 mg Repeatability : 0.1 mg Linear Error : 0.2 mg Capacity : 210 g Calibration : Automatic external calibration weights purchase Pan size : Φ90mm The top space of the scales 180mm Size (width×high×L) : 196×287×320mm
Kick Scooters Booming In the Market
If you are looking for a definite guid eto electric scooters. You are at the right place. You would find all the relevant information about electric scooter's history, components, laws and scooter sharing in this article. Electric scooters are pretty easy to spot with their two wheels, a deck that is also known as the platform and it uses handlebars for steering. Scooters have existed previously in the 90's but since then they have now become motroized with the use of electric batteries. You would find the majority of scooters made to be used while you're standing. But if you prefer you can also get a scooter with a seat and some other accesserories to customize your scooter according to your taste. The boom of electric scooters have given birth to many electric scooter companies that are leasing these electric scooters to normal people for their daily rides. And it seems to be working out for them. These comanies have generally increased the public awareness of scooter sharing and has enhanced the interest of customers to this form of transportation especially in cities where travelling on a bicycle is considered a general trend. This whole new trend has what led the electric scooter companies to import newer and better models into the country. The facinating thing about this trend is that while most of the companies are targetting adult audiences for their scooters. Presenting them with a daily commuting solution. Many companies also brand theese scooters as a toy to play with for kids and younger teens. Adult Scooters: You would find adults scooters to be the most common kind in the market. These scooters can bear a lot of weight while commuting. Making sure they are usable to most adults out there. The maximum weight capacity for these scooters in anywere from 90-100 kg (220 lbs). With higher specs and features comes the added price. You can usually find an adults electric scooter between the price range of $300 to $500. Electric Scooters for Kids Electrics scooters intended for kinds are usually much smaller in size and weight and less expensive than what you would have to pay for an adult electric scooters. Since the sole pupose of these are entertainment and play. They are made with plastic and weak motors and can prove to be less durable. You should always use children kick scooters as toys and nothing more. Kids can be of all weights and sizes, and we know that. So if you feel like your kid is a little too tall or heavy for it's age group. A better idea would to get him an adult electric scooters as that would able to comprehend with his body. Also, if you are looking for seated electric scooters. You would mainly find your target product in the adult electric scooter section. Adult electric scooters generally come with seats. Since their purpose is to travel longer miles and be used in actual daily life commuting scenarios. Which is why they are more comfortable and durable to ride.
AC Tidak Bisa Dingin Dan Kedap Kedip
AC di rumah Anda tidak dingin? Jangan langsung buru-buru ganti dan membeli yang baru! Tapi lakukan lah hal yang diulas pada artikel ini. Indonesia merupakan sebuah negara tropis yang mempunyai suhu yang cukup panas. Dengan keadaan seperti itu, sudah menjadi hal wajar jika masyarakat Indonesia membutuhkan sebuat alat untuk mendinginkan sebuah ruangan agar suasana jadi lebih nyaman. Cara Memperbaiki AC yang Tidak Bisa Dingin Ada beberapa alat yang bisa menjadikan ruangan Anda menjadi dingin, seperti AC ini. AC biasanya dipasang di rumah-rumah, perkantoran maupun penginapan, dan tempat lainnya. Sama halnya dengan perangkat elektronika lainnya, AC pun bisa mengalami kerusakan. Ada banyak sekali penyebab kerusakan pada AC, dan yang sering terjadi yaitu kerusakan AC tidak bisa mendinginkan ruangan. Anda bisa mengetahui bahwa AC berjalan normal atau mengalami kerusakan. Pada AC dengan keluaran terbaru sekarang ini sudah dilengkapi dengan LED atau lampu indikator. Melalu lampu ini bisa mengetahui apakan AC normal atau mengalami kerusakan. Biasanya kalau terjadi kerusakan maka lampu indikator akan berkedip-kedip. Ada dua hal yang menjadikan lampu indikator menyala, yaitu bisa karena masalah freon dan kemungkinan juga termistor yang ada pada AC. Penyebab pertama lampu indikator berkedi-kedip adalah karena tekanan freon yang kurang pada AC. Masalah ini sering terjadi pada AC yang berjenis inverter, untuk memcahkan masalah tersebut yaitu hanya melakukan pemeriksaan dan pembersihan AC secara berkala. Bersihkan lah AC secara rutin agar debu dan kotoran yang menempel tidak menyumbat komponen-komponen AC, jika Anda tidak memiliki waktu bisa memanggil jasa service AC yang berada di Kota Anda. Apabila freon yang berada pada AC sudah mulai habis, bisa diganti tau isi ulang untuk menambahkan freon ferondi. Selain kurangnya dari tekanan freon yaitu bisa disebabkan juga karena kebocoran. Penyebab kedua yaitu disebabkan komponen termistor yang rusak. Termistor merupakan komponen yang sangat berpengaruh pada kinerja pada AC, Anda bisa membaca ulasan dan meperdalam di situs elektronika. Cara mengatasi termistor tersebut yaitu dengan mombangkar AC, kemudian lihatlah pada rangkaian modul. Setelah menemukan maka Anda bisa memeriksanya dengan munggunkan alat multimeter Jika terindekasi kerusakan pada termistor, maka bisa melepas dan menggantinya dengan yang baru. Selain itu juga memeriksa komponen lainnya, karena bisa juga kerusakan terjadi pada komponen AC yang lainnya. Seperti elco atau motor fan yang rusak.
Mathematical Graph Plotting Calculator Online
Graph of math equation help in the intuition of the equation. Anyone that deals with calculation need a graph plotter for their equation. There are several graph plotting calculators online that work perfectly. Every graph calculator takes equations rather than expressions to plot it on an XY coordinates system. And Most of them can plot multiple equations on the same XY plane. Let's take a look at the top 3 online graph plotting calculators for your mathematical equation. A. Electric Shocks Graph Plotter Electric Shocks Graph Plotter is a javascript-based graphing calculator that can plot multiple graphs on the same set of axes. The graph plotter can assign each color to the graph automatically. The equation can be input by using the keyboard symbols and annotations, there is no on-screen keyboard. 1. User can trace each and every point of the graph by moving the cursor around the graph. 2. You can find the root of the graph by selecting the tool and graph. 3. Derivative of the graph can be found using the derivative tool. 4. Intersect tool can help in finding the intersecting point of two different graphs. 5. Local Minima and Maxima can be found using the tool to find the minima and maxima in the current view of the graph. 6. Zooming tool with partial highlighting, zoom in and zoom out tool can help to understand the graph in a better way. B. GeoGebra Graphing Calculator Geogebra is a great graphing calculator online that has multiple options rather than plotting a graph. First of all, you can plot a graph by providing a function in the form of professional equations. The equation is input by the onscreen keyboard. Multiple functions or equations can be plotted on the same axes. Other than the basic functions of plotting, the calculator has the ability to do more operations. 1. Users can calculate the roots of the graph by selecting the appropriate tool and it also highlights the root point on the graph. 2. There is an extremum point tool on the calculator that highlights the maxima and minima points of the graph. 3. You can specify point the XY plane and fit a line between the points by using the best fit option. 4. You can find the intersection of two graphs by intersecting tool of the calculator. 5. User can make input a dynamic by making it a slider. 6. There are multiple editing tools for a move, delete, erase, label, and freehand annotation. C. Desmos Graphing Calculator Desmos is a simple graph calculator that only plots graphs. The Desmos can display equations with a professional look. It has an on-screen keyboard for symbols and equation parameters. It can consider trigonometric and statistics with different visualizations. Desmos can plot help in visualization by zooming options, axes number switching, and degree/radian option for plotting the graph. Final Thoughts Sooner or later everyone needs a graph plotter. There are numerous graph plotters that can help in visualizing your equation. Graph plotters like ElectricShocks and GeoGebra are featured with advanced options and provide more tools. Where Desmos can serve the basic graph plotting purpose.
Elecom phân phối tủ trung thế ABB chính hãng chiết khấu lớn nhất
Tủ Trung Thế ABB - RMU ABB 24kV phân phối trung thế được thiết kế và sản xuất theo quy trình quản lý chất lượng chặt chẽ, có độ ổn định cao an toàn khi vận hành và đã được ứng dụng phổ biến, rộng rãi trong các trạm phát điện, trạm phân phối điện của các khu công nghiệp, khu dân cư, nhà máy, công ty điện lực… Bạn cần báo giá tủ RMU ABB 24kV 3 ngăn chính hãng chất lượng tốt nhất? Là chủ thầu xây dựng, phụ trách các công trình điện, bạn đang tìm một đơn vị cung cấp tủ RMU ABB đảm bảo chất lượng, giá thành hợp lý, vận hành đơn giản và được nhập khẩu chính hãng từ thương hiệu ABB? Là một trong những đơn vị phân phối chính hãng các sản phẩm tủ RMU ABB, Công ty TNHH Elecom đã có 10 năm kinh nghiệm hoạt động trong lĩnh vực cung cấp tủ bảng điện trung và hạ thế, trạm biến áp, thang máng cáp và vật tư thiết bị cho các nhà thầu cơ điện (M&E). Bên cạnh đó, Elecom còn cung cấp các dịch vụ gia công cơ khí, sơn tĩnh điện, tư vấn, bảo trì, sửa chữa và nâng cấp hệ thống điện cho các khu đô thị, khu công nghiệp… Những ưu điểm của tủ trung thế RMU ABB Tủ trung thế ABB có kích thước nhỏ gọn Tủ trung thế ABB không bị sự cố bởi yếu tố môi trường: độ ẩm, bụi bặm, hóa chất, hơi muối,… Không cần bảo trì bảo dưỡng Thiết kế dạng module nên tủ trung thế ABB có thể mở rộng tùy ý Dễ dàng di chuyển và lắp đặt Tủ trung thế RMU ABB có độ an toàn và tin cậy cao Ứng dụng của Tủ trung thế ABB Tủ trung thế ABB chứa các thiết bị điện bên trong để điều khiển hệ thống điện, được ứng dụng rộng rãi ở các khu công nghiệp, nhà máy, nhà xưởng,… sử dụng trong các trạm phát điện, trạm phân phối điện của các công ty điện lực. Trong đó, ABB SafePlus là một loại tủ thông dụng, được sử dụng rộng rãi, có tính linh hoạt cao, phù hợp với nhiều công trình điện. Đây là một hệ thống tủ đóng cắt hợp bộ có thể mở rộng, được cách điện bằng khí SF6 dành cho hệ thống phân phối thứ cấp. Tủ được thiết kế linh hoạt, có khả năng mở rộng và kết hợp giữa các cấu hình mô-đun toàn phần và mô-đun bán phần. Hệ thống RMU ABB SafePlus hoàn toàn kín khí với một bầu khí bằng thép không gỉ, chứa tất cả các bộ phận mang điện và chức năng mang điện và có chức năng đóng cắt. Sản phẩm cách điện tốt, đảm bảo độ tin cậy cao và sự an toàn của người vận hành, hệ thống không cần bảo trì, ít hư hỏng. Mua tủ trung thế ở đâu chất lượng tốt nhất, giá cạnh tranh nhất? Báo giá và thông tin chi tiết tủ RMU SafeRing/SafePlus 24kV chính hãng ABB được phân phối bởi công ty TNHH Elecom 👉 Quý khách hàng vui lòng tham khảo Tại Đâyundefined Để biết thêm thông tin chi tiết báo giá cho các dòng tủ điện trung thế ABB SafePlus, quý khách vui lòng liên hệ với Elecom theo thông tin dưới đây: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mọi thắc mắc quý khách hàng vui lòng liên hệ theo thông tin dưới đây:  CÔNG TY TNHH ELECOM Địa chỉ văn phòng: Lô số 11 - Khu CN Hoàng Mai - Tam Trinh - Hà Nội Hotline: 0969607489 Email: Website: Facebook:
Why Is Business Process Outsourcing a Good Solution for Business?
Business processes outsourcing can become a serious competitive advantage today. It allows you to reduce costs, gain access to highly qualified personnel and advanced technologies, and focus on the company's core business processes. So what is a BPO company? Why do we need BPO? What Is BPO? What is business process outsourcing? It is a type of outsourcing, where non-core business processes of one organization are transferred to another company. The key difference between outsourcing tasks and BPO is the lack of set indicators such as time or budget. It means that when you are involved in outsourcing tasks, you allocate time and set a particular budget for its accomplishment. With BPO, you may not have time constraints and a fixed budget because you transfer not just individual tasks, but a whole functional area within the business. Despite the quite clear definition of BPO as the transfer of any processing activity to outsourcing, this term corresponds to narrower areas of outsourcing. For example, the company wants to outsource industrial production which is the fact that this type can be distinguished as a separate form of production, or simply out, industrial outsourcing. Most often than not, the BPO refers to the outsourcing of high-level processes, which require more knowledge and experience from workers. Usually, such processes encompass personnel, accounting, marketing, logistics, financial management, or legal support of organizations. What happens to market functions when outsourcing? Outsourcing as a form of business has a dual impact on market relations. On the one hand, outsourcing transfers the former internal processes that were not included in the system of commodity relations within the company into the market. On the other hand, outsourcing undermines market relations. In outsourcing, the price of a service is determined before the start of its provision and for a long period. In addition, with simple buying and selling, market transactions are free of charge, and with outsourcing, a contract must be entered into, hence there are contract costs. Thus, outsourcing is a symbiosis of the market and non-market relations. Outsourcing as a business model involves the conclusion of long-term contracts, during which the economy manages to go through several cycles, and accordingly the business priorities of the customer's management change (for example, reducing the cost of increasing productivity). BPO Advantages The advantages of using BPO can be equal to the advantages of outsourcing specific tasks. Obviously, the main goal is to reduce costs which is the same for both forms of outsourcing. Basically, it is achieved by means of the contractor who is more experienced in business processes or tasks being transferred. However, unlike outsourcing of tasks, the cost savings are more significant in the case of BPO. Moreover, it is achieved in the long term and with more serious initial preparation. Besides, cost reduction can be not the main incentive to use BPO. The desire to make controllable and predictable expenses can serve as the main reason to apply to BPO. Obviously, predictability of costs is achieved through clear financial terms set out in the contract and service level agreement (SLA). Business Process Outsourcing Models Business process outsourcing is the conclusion of a contract with a third party organization to transfer under its responsibility for the implementation of the business process in question. Business process outsourcing is not new. Enterprises of various sizes and various forms of ownership acquire standard discrete processes from external suppliers: accounting, preparation of tax reports, factoring operations, etc. Such models make it possible to reduce costs. Today, this is not enough, and therefore business process outsourcing is developing towards organizing a new business process model based on strategic partnership between an enterprise and an external organization. There are three main models of outsourcing: ● Traditional outsourcing. The enterprise transfers its supporting processes to the responsibility of service providers in order to reduce costs and focus on the implementation of the main business processes. ● Joint outsourcing. Enterprise partners with a service provider to improve their business processes to reduce costs and increase the flexibility of the management system. ● Outsourcing with elements of the reorganization of the network of business processes. The company joins forces with partners to achieve sustainable improving the performance of the enterprise. When considering business process outsourcing, four classes of tasks arise: ● selection of processes for outsourcing; ● choice of outsourcing model; ● choosing a service provider; ● organization of the process of transition from a traditional model of work to a model using outsourcing. According to experts, 42% of enterprises outsource IT services, 31% ⏤ personnel training, 22% ⏤ supplies, 20% ⏤ personnel accounting, 18% ⏤ accounting and finance, retaining the function of monitoring the results. What are BPO services for business? There are several classic examples of business process outsourcing for large enterprises: ● Outsourcing of HR processes ⏤ delegation of the functions of personnel selection (including outstaffing and personnel leasing), payroll accounting, tax reporting; ● Outsourcing of call centers, outsourcing of processes in the field of customer relations ⏤ the processing of telephone calls is transferred, etc.; ● Outsourcing of accounting processes ⏤ delegation of authority for calculating wages, issuing primary documents to counterparties, executing bank payments, etc.; ● Outsourcing of IT processes ⏤ transferring production functions, writing program code, etc. to an outsourcer. A kind of outsourcing of IT processes is the outsourcing of IT systems placement, in which the outsourcer provides the customer with equipment for placing information systems, ensures its installation, updating, and support. Moreover, outsourcing in the IT-sphere often means finding professional engineers who are skilled in 3D modeling, printing, etc. And most often, these engineers are found on international marketplaces. For example, you can easily find outsourcing 3D modeling services at Engre website as well as professional 3D designers who are able to solve any problem. Thus, business process outsourcing is developing along the path of transferring the supporting (auxiliary) processes for external execution, while preference is given not to single processes and the network of business processes of the enterprise. Small businesses have been using the traditional outsourcing model for a long time. However, to form the competitive advantages of the enterprise, it is necessary to apply other models of business process outsourcing (for example, with the reorganization of all enterprise processes), and consider the issues of outsourcing auxiliary business processes.