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Spinal Cord Injuries and Lawyers You Must Hire

A spinal cord injury is a fatal injury that might either take your life or leave you alive but, lifeless. Such a mishap can however occur on the road while rash driving or even when you aren’t rash-driving, what is the guarantee that the other person is also not? In such a case, it is necessary to hire best truck accident lawyers. Such lawyers are especially important when you have a transport business etc. These lawyers are some of the best California business lawyers and corporate lawyer.

A bumper harm and a couple of scratches and wounds can be neglected unquestionably but not horrifying individual wounds. You unquestionably need to connect with the top car accident attorneys to guarantee your right. Indeed, you may attempt to deal with it all alone but, that might not help you out. Current realities will make it certain to persuade you about the adequacy of employing a legal advisor when the time comes to guarantee harms for an auto crash. All of these are guaranteed by the Business lawyer Nakase Wade.

What all can good accident attorneys do?
· They can easily handle the paperwork and give you a safe position.
· You don't need to run from column to present taking a stab at move beyond the administrative noise either as your agent will make certain to realize the ropes consequently saving you numerous an issue
· Your legal advisor will actually want to recuperate the perfect sum because of you for your own wounds and clinical costs.
· The sum needed for fixing your harmed vehicle in the result of the accident can likewise be canvassed in the sum that you get from the concerned insurance agency.
· There will undoubtedly be debates with the protection transporter declining to pay the sum that you feel is a reasonable case. Your lawful delegate will actually want to haggle with them for your benefit and show up at a settlement that will assist you with getting back to typical life as soon as possible.
· Your attorney will likewise remain by you and offer help if there is no chance of settling the debate. The matter is taken to the court from that point with your law delegate contending the case on premise of the confirmations gathered.
· You won't just be made up for your actual wounds however, your legal counselor can likewise guarantee harms for the psychological desolation that you needed to experience after the mishap.

What is the duty of an accident lawyer?
The overall obligation or reason for a mishap legal counselor is to give lawful portrayal to actually or mentally harmed casualties looking for pay to cover their harms and misfortunes that came about because of the mishap and wounds. A legal counselor can arrange a case and privately address any issues; however an accomplished legal advisor is consistently prepared to go to preliminary if fundamental. Although all cases are unique in their own way but, the fundamental job of a mishap attorney doesn't change.The specific obligations will change according to the requirements of the case.

Therefore, accident lawyers are essential in the fact that they can help to safeguard your or your client’s position in case of any harmful road accident. They can help you take reimbursement and insurance and that is how you safeguard your interest in case of any problem.
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Bodily injury may be referenced in criminal court cases, referring to injuries sustained by someone who has been the victim of an assault or another crime. Personal injury is commonly referenced in civil court claims and covers all costs incurred as the result of an accident or wrongful death. The difference between bodily injury and personal injury is where you might encounter each one in a legal context. Each type of case may present different standards for liability and proof. The individual state where an accident takes place can have different implications for these terms. Bodily Injury Insurance Covers the Other Party’s Expenses Bodily injury refers to specific kinds of harm done to the body after an incident, such as bruises, burns, cuts, fractured bones, and nerve damage. When someone carries bodily injury insurance, it covers the costs of the other person involved in the accident. For example, if you run a red light and strike a bicyclist, you may be held at fault for their injuries. Depending on your policy, bodily injury insurance may include all or some of their losses. Legal Implications of Bodily Injury Coverage Depending on where you live, whether your state is a “fault” or “no-fault” state will determine the extent of what kind of insurance you need to carry in the event of an accident. For example, in Florida, drivers are not required to carry insurance coverage for bodily injury liability (BIL) except for vehicles registered as taxis. However, because Florida is a no-fault car insurance state, all drivers must have insurance policies with a minimum of $10,000 in PIP coverage. After an accident, you will first file for damages through your own insurance company, regardless of who caused the accident. You may have additional costs that go beyond what your PIP policy can cover. Having PIP does not prevent you from pursuing additional losses through the other party’s insurance. Typically, it boils down to this: bodily liability insurance covers the damages of the other party if you were the cause of their accident. PIP is for covering your own injuries and losses after an accident. Again, depending on where you live, different factors may affect these definitions. Personal Injury Is Related to Civil Claim Damages All states allow accident victims to pursue compensation from the liable party to cover the cost of their damages. To do this, you must prove that because of this otherwise avoidable situation, you have incurred expenses. It is important to have relevant evidence that supports your account of events. To ------prepare for your claim, you will want to keep the following: -Photographs or any videos of the accident -The police report or any other law enforcement documents -Medical records from injury-related examinations -Proof of lost wages for any work missed after the accident -Records of all communications between yourself and the insurance companies -Receipts assigning a value to property damage What Is Included in a Bodily Injury Claim? A claim for bodily injury will include any expenses from your injuries that you’d submit to your bodily injury insurance carrier. Depending on your state’s laws, this may include costs related to your own injuries or costs related to the injuries of any other parties involved in the accident. These claims may be covered by your PIP insurance or other coverage. What Qualifies as a Personal Injury Case? Anytime one party is injured or becomes ill as a result of another party’s negligence and there are demonstrable damages, you may have a valid personal injury case. People and entities have a duty to prevent others from harm. Personal injury lawsuits come about when this duty has not been met and someone is harmed as a result. Statute of Limitations After an Accident You do not have an unlimited window of time to pursue a civil claim. If you live in Florida, you have four years from the date of your accident to get a personal injury lawyer and file a lawsuit. However, if you live in Tennessee, you only have one year to seek financial recovery. If the accident results in fatalities, the timeline may be different. Under the Florida statutes, the statute of limitations for wrongful death is two years. These cases can be complex, so the sooner you reach out to a wrongful death attorney, the better. Some variables, including the ages of who was involved in your accident, may affect this timeline. In general, the statute of limitations begins on the day of your accident or the day your injuries were discovered. However, there are exceptions. You can ask your attorney about the laws in your state. Filing a Personal Injury Claim Can Cover Some of Your Losses If you are injured in an accident and endure pain and suffering as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may have a personal injury case. When looking to cover the cost of your losses, filing a personal injury claim may include: -Past, present, and future medical bills -Lost wages -Reduced earning capacity -Pain and suffering -Emotional trauma -Loss of consortium -Wrongful death When you are dealing with the aftermath of an accident, an insurance adjuster will prepare, file, and adjust your claim. This person represents the insurance company by evaluating the cost of the damage to your property and health. You may find that the amount they offer does not fully cover the extent of your losses. Do not feel obligated to settle for the adjuster’s first offer. Before you agree to accept any settlement, make sure that you understand your legal options first. For this reason, many people choose to contract legal help. Call ebraunlaw After a Bodily or Personal Injury If you experienced injuries during an accident, you should not have to endure any additional pain and suffering. You and your family should not have to pay out-of-pocket for an accident that you did not cause. The lawyers at ebraunlaw can examine the evidence relevant to your case, initiate legal action, and protect your rights. We work on a contingency-fee-basis, meaning that we do not accept any payment unless we secure compensation for you. Our team is happy to answer your questions about bodily and personal injury as it applies to the law.
Meresahkan Maraknya Prostitusi Sesama Jenis
Indonesia adalah negara yang berbudaya dan beretika serta menjunjung tinggi adat istiadat, jadi norma-norma sosial budaya masyarakat janganlah sampai tergerus oleh zaman. Hingga akhir akhir ini banyak terdapat sekali norma masyarakat yang melenceng dari akidah manusia itu sendiri, terdapat banyak masalah yang kompleks di dalam tatanan bermasyarakat dan berbangsa. Salah satu masalah norma adab ketimuran adalah prostitusi,berita yang menghebohkan dari salah satu media berita online REQNews prostitusi sekarang ini tidak melulu tentang pria dengan wanita tetapi sekarang ini ada prostitusi pria dengan pria alias gay, Aparat Direktorat Reserse Kriminal Umum (Ditreskrimum) Polda Jateng menangkap enam pelaku prostitusi online sesama jenis alias gay di kampung Kecamatan Banjarsari, Solo. Saat digerebek pelaku sedang melakukan hubungan badan. Polisi tetapkan satu koordinator terapis Der (47) warga Gondangrejo, Kabupaten Karanganyar sebagai jadi tersangka. Pengungkapan kasus praktik prostitusi gay ini ketika polisi melakukan penggerebekan di tempat kos di Banjarsari Solo pada Sabtu 25 September 2021 pukul 17.00 wib. Saat dilakukan penggeledahan terdapat lima orang sedang berhubungan intim di kamar tersebut. Dari hasil pemeriksaan tersangka, bahwa koordinator terapis Der membuka jasa pijat terapis dengan menawarkan jasa pijat lewat media sosial Instagram, Twitter dan Facebook. Ada juga layanan threesome pasutri dengan satu terapis. Pelaku usianya rata-rata 20 tahun. Para pelaku dijerat dengan pasal 2 UU No 22 tahun 2007 tentang Tindak Pidana Perdagangan Orang (TPPO) dan pasal 296 KUHPidana dengan ancaman hukuman setidaknya 15 tahun penjara. Manusia sudah digariskan berpasang pasang antara pria dan wanita, jangan sampai perbuatan manusia melewati apa yang seharusnya ditetapkan dan dapat merugikan kebanyakan masyarakat lainnya. Sumber
How do courts value the cost of emotional distress for personal injury cases?
The type of damages that can be awarded by a court of law in a personal injury claim include both compensatory damages and moral damages. Compensatory damages, which are also referred to as economic damages, are most commonly claimed as they can be easily quantified. Compensatory damages may be claimed for medical expenses, therapy, transportation expenses, increased living expenses, lost wages , out-of-pocket expenses, etc. In this type of claim, you are essentially being reimbursed for the various expenses that you have might have already incurred due to the personal injury caused to you. In addition to compensatory damages, which can be easily identified and quantified, further damages may also be claimed in terms of moral damages or damages for emotional and mental distress caused to the victim. What constitutes emotional distress: Personal injury cases are often filed from a legal standpoint to help the victim recover all damages caused to him. Amongst such damages, the mental anguish or the emotional distress caused to a victim is also to be considered. For example, on account of personal injury caused, an injured person may no longer be able to participate in certain activities or enjoy life in the same capacity as that of prior to the injury. Emotional distress may also be reflected in the form of physiological conditions of depression, insomnia , conditions of post-traumatic stress disorder etc. These types of damages, by their very nature, cannot be quantified easily and therefore have to be determined by the court based on the unique circumstances of emotional distress caused to a given victim. The UAE courts allow a claimant to seek ‘moral damages’ to compensate for the emotional distress caused to them, in addition to compensatory damages. Moral damages are awarded in the UAE to the victim and in cases of fatal injuries as compensation to the victim’s immediate family. The Federal Law No. 5 of 1985 on the civil transactions law and its amendments (the ‘Civil Code’) states the provisions concerning moral damages. Article 293 of the civil code concerning matters of tort states that: 1. The right to indemnity for harm shall include moral harm, and an infringement of the liberty, dignity, honour, reputation, social standing or financial credit of another shall be regarded as being moral harm; 2. It shall be permissible for an order to be made for indemnity for moral harm caused to a spouse, or relatives of the family, by reason of the death of the victim; 3. The right to receive indemnification for moral harm may not be transferred to a third party unless the amount of it has been fixed by agreement or by a final judicial order. Thus, pursuant to Article 293(1) of the civil code, moral damages may be awarded by the UAE courts towards harm caused to one’s liberty, dignity, financial position, social standing and reputation. In addition, pursuant to Article 293(2) the family members of a victim have the right to claim moral damage in the instance of fatal injuries resulting in the death of the victim. In various judgments, while awarding moral damages, the UAE courts have considered the level of pain, grief and distress suffered by a victim when determining or quantifying the compensation to be awarded.
Trademark Registration In Agra
Trademark refers to an property which incorporates a recognizable sign/symbol/words that represent a brand and distinguishes one brand from the opposite . it's a singular identity of a brand. Just like humans, brand name/identities also are vital for a business to survive within the market. Agra may be a market with tons of entrepreneurs and competition which makes it difficult for your business to face call at this crowd. Here, trademark registration in Agra service by AskYourProfessional involves the rescue. We at AYP, assist you get your trademark registration in Agra wiped out few easy steps and in minimal time. Having experience of years during this field, we all know how the market works and different legal things to stay in mind for your business. By availing trademark registration in Agra, you get full rights of your brand name/logo and you'll run your business smoothly. Want to read more about Trademark Registration? Click here. Advantages of Trademark Registration in Agra Legal Protection: If you own a business in Agra, the market is very competitive and you don’t know subsequent step of your competitor. you would like to be legally strong to guard your brand. Here comes trademark registration in Agra which causes you to the legal owner of your brand and nobody can use your brand name/logo without permission. you'll take a action against someone who infringes to try to to so. Unique Identity: Trademark Registration in Agra gives your brand a singular identity which increases your brand value and makes your brand to face call at the gang . Asset: Registered trademark can act as an asset for the business owner because it are often rented/sold/franchised. that's why it's also referred to as an property . Brand Value: It creates a way of trust, increases your goodwill as a registered and known brand are often easily trusted by the purchasers . Documents required for Trademark Registration in Agra Trademark registration in Agra is now simplified with Ask Your Professional. to urge trademark registration in Agra, you would like to: Fill out our contact form/ Contact us directly at +91 8791164133 Submit the specified documents. Get your trademark registration wiped out minimal time. Documents required for people & Sole Proprietorship Any individual can easily get trademark registration in Agra. there's no need for forming a legal entity or business entity to register a trademark. The documents needed are: Copy of the brand . just in case logo isn't provided, the trademark application are often filed for the name. Signed Form-48. Form-48 may be a authorization from the applicant to a Trademark Attorney for filing the trademark application on his/her behalf. Identity Proof of the individual or Proprietor. Address Proof of the individual or Proprietor. Contact Us for any legal Query we will be happy to serve you :-) 
Know the Requirements for UK Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer Visa
UK Tier 2 Intra company transfer Visa can be carried by an being hand of a transnational employer who's subject to be transferred to the UK branch for either vocational training or to ground the gap of a specific employment vacancy which can not be fulfilled by a settled or EEA worker needed for a long term base or for frequent short visits. This visa route isn't applicable for an existent who's an hand of an overseas employer that isn't linked by common power or control to the UK branch. Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer has two sub-categories Long term Staff This order is applicable for individualities who are working for the UK association for at least 12 months directly before their transfer and are being transferred to a professed job in the UK to combat a post which can not be fulfilled by a settled worker. The duration is for a period of over to a outside of 5 times.  Graduate Trainee This order is applicable for a recent graduate novitiate being transferred to a UK branch of the supposed association for vocational training. This visa route shouldn't be used to fill posts of long term. The graduate seeker must be coming to the UK for a maximum period of 12 months as part of a structured graduate training programme with easily defined progression towards a directorial or specialist part within the supposed association. Eligibility parameters for Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer You must retain a job offer and a Certificate of Sponsorship for your job. It's important to note that the UK reality must retain a Tier 2 Sponsor License to issue you a CoS. You must be suitable to prove you ’ve worked for your employer for a certain quantum of time outside the UK. The length of time depends on what visa you ’re applying for Long- term Staff earning£ or lower – 12 months Long- term Staff earning further than£ – no minimal time Graduate Trainee – 3 months The prospective hand can not enjoy further than 10 of the guarantor shares directly or laterally. Your offered periodic payment must be minimal£ (as a long- term staff) or the applicable rate for similar long- term job whichever is advanced. Or a minimum of£ periodic payment (as a graduate trainee) or the applicable rate for similar graduate training, whichever is advanced. The job which has to be offered must misbehave with position 6 of the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) or of the position 4 of RQF in the creative sector.  The anticipated job position has to be genuine in its truest sense and the guarantor has to be good to offer services/ products inferring from similar position. You need to have sufficient and considerable quantum of acceptability finances on your disposition for the living and accommodation costs in the UK, without having to depend on UK’s public finances. Entry Concurrence Rudiments and Conditions Negotiating 60 points for UK Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer Visa Attributes This consists of 20 points offered for enjoying a valid and qualifying instrument of backing from your employer Acquiring 20 points for having been offered the applicable payment Acquiring 20 points for having been job at the applicable skill position You must have at least£ in your bank account to show you can support yourself when you arrive in the UK. You'll need to have had the plutocrat available for at least 28 successive days. The end date of the 28- day period must be within 31 days of the date you apply.  Your mate or children must have a certain quantum of plutocrat available to support themselves while they ’re in the UK. You – or your mate or child – will need £ 285 for your partner £ 315 for one child £ 200 for each additional child The volition is to have your employer certify conservation for you in the Certificate of Sponsorship. It's important to note that all settlers you're entering the UK for further than 6 months, will have to shoulder a TB test whilst making the operation for the visa. Long Term Staff You may be granted leave for whichever is the shortest of The job end date visible on your Certificate of Sponsorship plus 14 days/ up to 5 times or Still, per time, for the period to take your total leave granted under Tier 2 (Intra-Company Transfer) to 5 times or 1 month or If your payment is lower than£ 120. Still, or advanced per time, for the period to take, If your payment is£ 120. Graduate Trainee You may be granted leave for whichever is the shorter of The job end date visible on your Certificate of Sponsorship plus 14 days for the period to take your total leave granted under Tier 2 (Intra-Company Transfer) Graduate Trainee Staff to 12 months. If you want to apply for Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer Work Visa in the UK, you can speak to the Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer UK Immigration Experts at The SmartMove2UK on +91 98191 27002 or and book your consultation appointment.
Can minors be sued for defamation?
Defamation is a criminal offence pursuant to UAE laws. In addition, an aggrieved person may also institute a civil case for claiming damages on account of defamation. Article 372 Federal Law No. 3 of 1987 and its amendments (The UAE Penal Code) states that “Whoever attributes to another person, by any means of publicity, an incident which makes him liable to punishment or contempt, shall be punished by detention for a period not exceeding two years or by a fine not exceeding Dh20,000”. In addition pursuant to Article 20 of the Federal Decree by Law No. 5 of 2012 on Combating Cyber Crimes and its amendments (“Cyber Crimes Law”) states that, “Without prejudice to the provisions of slander crime prescribed in Islamic Sharia, any person who insults a third party or has attributed to him an incident that may make him subject to punishment or contempt by a third party, by using an Information Network or an Information Technology Tool shall be punished by imprisonment and a fine not less than (AED 250,000) and not exceeding (AED 500,000) or by any of these punishments. The punishments for juvenile delinquents is applied in the UAE pursuant to Federal Law No. 9 of 1976 and its amendments concerning ‘Juvenile Delinquents and Vagrants’. A juvenile is defined under the said law as person who did not complete the age of eighteen at the time of perpetrating the incriminating act or found in a state of vagrancy (Article 1) Article 7 “If the juvenile, who completed the age of seven and didn't reach the age of sixteen, perpetrated a crime sanctioned by the penal law or in any other law, the judge shall order to take the measures he deems adequate” Article 8 “Should the juvenile who completed the age of sixteen perpetrate a crime sanctioned by the Penal Code, or any other law (1), the judge may order to take any of the measures stipulated in this law, as deemed appropriate by him, instead of the prescribed penalties” Further, Article 15 of the said law lays out the punishments that may be imposed on a juvenile subject to the discretion of the Judge which includes, judicial supervision, charity work and could include heavier punishment such as permanent deportation from the UAE. Article 15: Measures that may be taken in respect of the juvenile are the following: 1. Rebuke. 2. Handing him over. 3. Putting him under judicial supervision. 4. Prohibition to frequent specific places. 5. Interdiction of performing a specific work. 6. Compelling him to undergo professional training. 7. Confining in a treatment asylum, rehabilitation institute educational home therapeutically shelter, rehabilitation institute, educational house or reformation institute, as the case may be. 8. Deportation outside the country. Defamation is considered a serious offence in the UAE, and the punishments imposed include imprisonment, fines and deportation. With the increasing use of social media, incidents of cyberbullying which include defamatory elements, are also on the rise, and juveniles can both be the targets and perpetrators of such acts. Pursuant to the provisions discussed above, a juvenile can be prosecuted for committing any act that is penalized under the UAE laws.
What measures are the government taking to combat online fraud?
The increasing prevalence of online fraud schemes has been a matter of concern globally, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. The Government of the United Arab Emirates has repeatedly issued notices to create awareness of such online scams and has issued regulations that help in effectively combatting online fraud cases. The common methods used for online scams include: Smishing: In this technique, a fraudulent link is sent through text messages or email communications, which upon clicking, takes the user to an external scam site that can illegally download and obtain sensitive information about the person, such as bank accounts details and personal details. Phishing: This method is very prevalent, and, in this method, un-suspecting individuals and even companies are contacted over authentic-looking email and requested to provide sensitive information such as banking and credit card details. Voice phishing: In this method, the unsuspecting victim is contacted over a phone call and is requested to share sensitive information or to transfer an amount. Such scams are very common globally, and awareness campaigns are increasingly being run by banks, public authorities and government to raise awareness amongst the public. There is an increasing number of such scam calls being reported in the UAE, wherein the scammers identify themselves to be calling on behalf of a regional bank or a telephone utility services and trick the victims into revealing their identity details or passwords. UAE banks have repeatedly issued notifications to confirm that they would never request their clients to reveal sensitive information over the phone. The Federal Decree-Law number 5 of 2012 on combatting cybercrimes and its amendments ('Cybercrime law')categorizes cybercrime broadly as 'any illicit use of the internet, computer network, electronic website or any other information technology means. Article 2 of the Cybercrime law states that 'An offender shall be punished by imprisonment and a fine not less than one hundred thousand dirhams and not in excess of three hundred thousand Dirhams or either of these two penalties whoever gains access to a website, an electronic information system, computer network or information technology means without authorization or in excess of authorization or unlawfully remains therein'. In addition to enacting the cybercrime law, the UAE government has taken additional procedural methods such as: » Easy reporting: Measures have been effected to ensure easy reporting of the cybercrime by creating easy to use channels such as the 'ecrime website', 'Dubai police website' for reporting cybercrime and the 'My Safe Society' application. » TRA: The telecom regulatory authority (TRA) actively monitors the information and content available online and takes prohibitory measures for content that is malicious in nature. TRA also initiates curbing measures against unlicensed VoIP service providers, including illegal websites. » Digital security: The digital security of individuals in the UAE is maintained and verified through the UAE Pass app and Emirates ID. » Heavy Fines: Strict punishment is imposed against offenders under the cybercrime law. Acts of cyber hacking against banks in order to obtain illegal data concerning banking accounts and card information can be punished with huge fines of up to Aed One million and also with imprisonment. An act of IP address forgery can be punished with imprisonment of up to three years and a fine of up to AED 500,000. Various global studies showcase that cybercriminals increasingly choose to operate in jurisdictions wherein either there are weak cybercrimes laws or no e-crime regulations at all. Understanding these practices, the UAE government has ensured that stringent laws are enforced in the UAE against cybercrimes and in order to implement the best practices that ensure digital security.
Consultants for UK Sole Representative Visa Extension in Chandigarh
Do you have a business? Want to send your representative to measure , work & do business within the UK? Or Are you a representative of a business checking for an appropriate UK visa for your employee? the united kingdom Sole Representative Visa is that the answer! it's for a representative of established overseas companies outside the ecu Economic Area (EEA) who wishes to line up a business within the UK. Our UK Sole Representative Visa Consultants in Chandigarh can assist you to stay tension free and guide you throughout the method . UK Sole Representative Visa (Extension): You can apply to increase your stay within the UK under a Representative of a foreign Business visa. you ought to include any dependants who are on your current visa on your application to increase – including children who have turned 18 during your stay. you ought to apply before your current visa expires. In order to be eligible for an extension application, you want to already be in possession of a UK Visa as either: A representative of a business that exists in another country. An employee of a newspaper, press agency or broadcasting organization from a special country, for purposes of your assignment. If you fit one among the above descriptions then you want to have evidence that: You are working for an equivalent employer as of once you were granted your older Sole Representative Visa. You are still working to determine the company’s first presence within the country. Your organization’s principal location of commercial activity remains outside the united kingdom . A Sole Representative visa are often extended for as long as 2 years after the first visa duration of three years, meaning a possible total of 5 years of stay within the UK. Read UK Sole Representative Visa Consultant, Mumbai – Defining Eligibility Criteria Dependents also are eligible to use for an extension of their visas along side the most applicant. At The SmartMove2UK our UK Sole Representative visa Consultants in Chandigarh advise sole representatives of overseas business as well as representatives of an overseas newspaper, news agency or broadcasting organization on extending their leave on a UK Sole representative visa. Call us on 9198191 27002 or email us at if you are seeking legal help in relation to the extension of your UK sole representative visa.
Guide for employment and personal injury claims in the UAE
The Federal law no. 8 of 1980 regarding the ‘organization of labour relations’ and its amendments (the “UAE labour law”) includes in its scope a definitive provision towards occupational injuries and the rights and liabilities that accrue based on the same. In this article we would like to go through some of the major grounds that apply pursuant to the UAE labour law. Steps required to be taken for any work-related or occupational injury: The Employer is required to report the matter immediately to the police and also to the labour department. A brief report is to be provided by the Employer detailing the worker’s name, age, occupation, address, nationality and a description of the accident and its circumstances, including the medical treatment provided. The police would then carry out further investigation and will compile the report along with witness statements. The purpose of such a police report is to indicate whether the accident was work-related; if so, was it due to any gross misconduct on the part of the employee or otherwise. On completion of the report, the police would send a report to the Employer as well as the labour department. Liability on the part of the Employer: If the employee sustains a work-related injury or contracts an occupational disease then, the Employer is liable to pay the cost of the treatment, including covering all the diagnostic checks required and also to cover the transportation of the employee in such process. The Employer is also required to provide the employee with wage allowance equal to his full salary for the entire period of duration of the treatment or for a duration of six months whichever is shorter. When a worker is not entitled to compensation: There are certain circumstances under which an employee may be denied compensation for injuries pursuant to the UAE labour law (Article 153). Such circumstances include: * The employee has willfully brought about his own injury with the intention of committing suicide or of obtaining compensation or sick leave, or for any other reason. * If the employee was under the influence of a narcotic drug or alcohol at the time of occurrence of the incident; * If the employee has intentionally violated the safety instructions posted at conspicuous positions in the workplace; * If the injury disability was the result of gross and deliberate misconduct on part of the employee; * If the employee has refused for no good reason to submit to medical examination or to undergo the treatment ordered by a medical board. The UAE labour law thus has detailed provisions that guarantee the safety and well-being of the workforce. The said provisions ensure that the rights of the employees are always protected. Apart from the above-detailed provisions under the UAE labour law, damages may also be claimed pursuant to the UAE civil code for moral damages. Such action may be taken when there is a violation of the liberty, honor, dignity, reputation of a person.
How does divorce affect children?
Divorce is not an easy process to go through as a family. However, sometimes divorce becomes a necessity for the couple, as they may have reached a crossroads in their marriage and it might be better for both of them to separate. Adults going through a divorce process have to adapt to new changes which include taking numerous decisions relating to financial and emotional aspects. This process is even more difficult for children, especially when they are very young. At a tender age, children are not able to understand the new changes that arise from the fundamental fact that they will not be able to live with both parents as one family. Therefore, children must adapt to the immediate change of living with one parent alone and seeing the other parent only occasionally during the designated visit time. It becomes even more difficult when a parent decided to emigrate and thus permanently moves out of the country of residence of the children, which leads to even fewer personal visits. Emotionally, all these changes take a toll on the child's psyche and parents must strive to make the transition as cordial and friendly as possible. Studies show that a divorce process can have the following effects on children, depending on their age: For toddlers and preschoolers: because they are so young, children do not understand the need to be permanently separated from one parent. The concept of two houses can fill children with worry and fear. They feel anxious when they are not able to be with both their parents and can quite often feel that they are not loved by the absent parent. For children of primary school age: A divorce process can cause them stress and anxiety and often makes them feel guilty about the changes it brings. Children of this age group often think of guilt and may feel that the divorce is due to their mistakes or shortcomings. Research shows that children are often the most affected by contentious divorces, which can be reflected in increased behavioral problems, poor academic performance and also in children's mental health. Children need to adapt to the new changes, and one of the best ways is to keep up with a regular visit schedule and provide them with easy access to both parents that suits their needs. A regular schedule helps to bring a needs-oriented structure into their lives, and children might understand that both parents regularly prioritize their needs. Parental support and reassurance can avoid many of the likely challenges, especially if parents can put their children's needs before anything else. Parents should also consider seeking the expert help, which can include medical and psychological support in helping their children. Solving anxiety problems through professional help has proven to be of great value to children. An expert is often able to identify the cause of a problem rather than focus on the behavioral issues alone, and can help the parents to understand better and guide them in helping their children cope with such challenges.