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KBS drama "Big" revealed, a making video of a scene filmed on 25th of last month where Suzy abruptly kisses Gong Yoo while having a conversation. In the scene, Suzy finds out that her love Shin Won Ho's soul is inside of Gong Yoo's body and tries to kiss Gong Yoo, hoping this would bring his spirit back like a fairy tale. But in the actual shooting, Gong Yoo couldn't continue his line after he got kissed by Suzy and broke into laughter. Without receiving an 'OK' approval and Suzy kissed Gong Yoo more than 20 times, Gong Yoo complained as he said "I'm tired~ Let's move on people." But unlike his complaint, Gong Yoo actually seemed to like the situation as he shouts "Jackpot~" and danced which made staffs laugh hard. Internet users who saw the clip wrote, "Wow so many kisses just for one scene," "Dancing Gong Yoo is so funny," and "Girls would be jealous of Suzy, guys would envy Gong Yoo." Cr: