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Lee Hyo Ri ranked first place as the most magnanimous daughter of all times.\ On the episode of tvN enews’ Amazing Rankings, which aired on July 13, celebrities were numbered according to how much they devoted toward their family, especially their parents. Kim Hyun Joong ranked fifth place by buying his parents a chicken restaurant and a high-rise residential building worth 900million won(approximately $782,268). Park Ji Sung ranked fourth place by buying their parents a country house worth 3.6billion won(approximately $3.12million). Song Hye Kyo ranked third place by buying her parents a luxurious house 553.518yd2 big, and Won Bin ranked second place. After the debut, Won Bin gifted a Route House that won the grand prize at 2008 Architecture Culture Awards. First place was taken by the magnanimous Lee Hyo Ri. She bought her parents a house worth 1billion won(approximately $869,187) and even bought her aunt a building. After seeing the stars devoting to their family after their success, the viewers responded: “I envy you all.” “Wait for a little bit. I’ll devote myself to!” “Celebrities must make a lot of money.” Source: Xportsnews
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