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Lee Jang Woo says to T-ara’s Eunjung, “After School’s Uee was the first one to congratulate my birthday”
Recently, Lee Jang Woo dropped a bombshell to his virtual wife, T-ara’s Eunjung. In the episode of MBC’s We Got Married Season 3 which will air on July 14, Lee Jang Woo and Eunjung get together after three months since they held a wedding in Lombok. While they could not see each other for three months, Lee’s birthday passed which was in June. Eunjung could not congratulate his birthday in person because of her schedule abroad. In order to not make her feel bad about it, Lee said it was okay and added, “After School’s Uee who I am hosting a music show with was the first one to congratulate my birthday.” He went on, “Isn’t there such a word as ‘an affair’? When I received a present from her when we were not together, I could get a slight understanding of that word,” surprising her with an unexpected comment. What kind of reaction did she come up with? You can check out this “dangerous” confession scene on July 14 at 5:15 p.m. on MBC. Source: TV Report
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