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Okay; I'll admit it! I've read the Twilight series multiple times; I've seen the movies more than once two. My copy of New Moon is worn out, and not because my dog uses it as a chew toy. I'm a secret fan, and a hater, too. I can't help but be frustrated with the style of romance that Meyer is presenting to such a wide audience! Is this kind of obsessive, overly protective love that has become the norm in young adult fiction to also become the norm in what we expect out of romance? If so, I'll stay alone, thank you. I really find quotes like this frustrating: Edward says to Bella, I believe in twilight, "you are my life now." Girls might gasp at reading these words, and in the moment, I too, swoon at his intensity. But is that intensity what we should be after in real life? No way!! Love's not about committing every fiber of your being to someone else. Love's about having someone committed to be by your side and help you, while living their own lives, too! Love is a support system, a place to feel safe, and a similar mind to help you in times of need. But everything shouldn't be obsessed with and dedicated to that love. Couples grow together, but not only together: you need to have your own life, too! And so, when I guiltily page through my novels late at night, I swoon, and then I stop and remember that while Edward and Bella may have the "perfect romance," it's not real. And we shouldn't hope that it ever will be.
@timeturnerjones i think i have to agree with you to a certain level and @onesmile to another level! haha i think that it's not wrong to read fiction and well fantasise about this ideal love because i mean isn't that what fiction is all about? bringing the readers into the another world! BUT in the case of twilight it might have gotten a little bit out of hand! the 'fans' like the followers they become too obsess and i mean edward does love bella with all his heart but i think some fans don't want the kind of love that Edward has for Bella they actually fantasise about vampires and what not.. and sometimes they make a big issue about it too!
@timeturnerjones @ameliasantos10 hahahaha yeah I guess you're right....I like to think the average twilight fan doesn't get that crazy, though!
@onesmile yeah there's just too many people idealizing their love in my opinion -_-
@timeturnerjones Eh, I like to enjoy their story as if its totally different than reality, haha, but I guess some girls would take it way too seriously, like you said....~~
@onesmile are you sure? hahaha some fans twitter and messages are like intense! i saw some screenshot of them and well it was funny and scary at the same time! and well i hope they really did do if for fun : /
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