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When in Seoul I'm sure many for you choose to visit to Hongik (홍대) or even stay there in your visit, and if you are there may be many restaurants to choose from but nothing can give you quality and yet at the same time new tastes than the foods from this restaurant that "Inn Barley Rice." I've never heard of the barley rice before and honestly I wasn't too sure about how it'll taste, but this restaurant can keep their reputation for making fine Buli Bap. My favorites in the menu is the Duk Kalbi it resembles a hamburger patty but the taste is simply much more richer. It feels like eating a Duk but the taste of beef makes it richer. I've tried a lot lot of the choices here which names I won't even try to write, pronounce, or remember, but each of bite reminded that I'm here to experience new things and I'm grateful that this restaurant has given me a way to experience it in quality. So If you're not out clubbing in Hongik then I suggest giving this restaurant a go. 562-25 02-338-5664 81 Donggyo-ro 27-gil 81 동교로27길 P.S. It's actually also an Inn/guest house and I'm sure if the food is good the accommodation is good too P.P.S it also has other branches so Google maps is your friend.