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I've been reading some blog entries recently about fishing while on a hiking trip, what kind of equipment to pack, and where to go. I came across this video which documents a small part of a hiking and fly-fishing trip in the Flat Top Mountains in Colorado. These guys seem to have a great time, and their rods don't seem to be very heavy or extreme, and still the make some catches. I'm thinking more about getting into fly fishing, as opposed to a spinning reel, so that I can take it with me on hiking trips and get to have a relaxing, fun experience both hiking and fishing!
Looks like a beautiful place to fish. mostly fly fishing I take it? seems like the landscape is mostly rivers more suited for fly fishing tecniques
This looks like a really fun trip! I have only ever gone fishing after driving to a lake, but it might be fun to take a fishing hiking trip once I get some more fishing practice!
the scenery looks lovely - wish I could go there
@happyrock I'll have to read some of your hiking collections to help plan as well :)
@happyrock time to learn to tie some flies, I suppose
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