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I've never been a huge fan of wearing watches, but more and more I grow tired of relying on my phone to know the time. And, when my phone is dead, I hate asking other people for the time! So I started looking for watches! I really like this watch because it is a simple, standard shape, but actually the face of the watch adds something special. It adds a star! So, even though it might not look too flashy, anyone that asks for the time is going to see the star, and be impressed with the little details. Often, in creating an outfit, its the little details that can add big additions to how something looks. If the inside of a coat is lined with a patterned liner, if your shoes soles have a pattern on them, or if the lid of your hat is a different color that the rest of the hat! These little details can separate your outfits from some simple outfit choice to something more.
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