Can I take the CCNP certificate directly?

Can I take the CCNP certificate directly? As we all know, Cisco certification is divided into three levels. Some candidates who took the Cisco certificate asked me whether I can take the CCNP directly instead of taking the CCNA. Next, I will analyze whether I can take the CCNP directly.

CCNP certification overview

In fact, CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) - Cisco Certified Network senior engineer. Routing and switching authentication helps identify network engineers' ability to design, implement, validate, troubleshoot and collaborate with other network experts on advanced network security, voice, wireless and video solutions for local area networks and wide area networks. For those who have at least one year working experience in network, and are ready to improve the skills and independent working ability of complex network solutions, CCNP routing and switching authentication is very suitable.

Candidates who have obtained CCNP routing and switching certification prove that they have the necessary skills for enterprise positions such as network engineer, network support engineer, system engineer or network technician. The knowledge of routing and switching protocols in this authentication will provide you with a persistent knowledge base suitable for today's physical networks and future virtualized networks.

[Cisco certification system is divided into the following certification levels from low to high]
CCNA (Cisco network technology assistant engineer certification) → CCNP (Cisco network senior engineer certification) → CCIE (Cisco Internet expert certification).

Due to CCNAAs a basic level of certification, gold content will be relatively low, so many candidates will want to directly test CCNP. At present, however, Cisco stipulates that it must pass the CCNA exam before taking the CCNP exam (and the CCNA certificate cannot be expired). So candidates can not directly test CCNP, candidates need to first pass the CCNA and then CCNP test.

If you want to get the CCNP, you need to apply for the CCNA certification examination first, and then take the CCNP examination within three years after passing the CCNA. Why three years? Because the validity period of CCNA is three years. If more than three years, you need to carry out the re certification of CCNA, that is, take another CCNA certification, and then take the CCNP examination.

As for re certification, no matter which level of certificate is valid, CCNP certification is valid for three years. In case of re certification, you must pass any one of the three subjects in the CCNP grade examination within the validity period of the certificate, or pass the existing CCIE written examination.

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