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뉴욕에서 핫하게 떠오르고있는 크레이프 케익이 서울에 상륙!레이디엠!

뉴욕에서만 맛볼 수 있었던 "레이디엠"의 밀크 크레이프케익! 포잉 에디터가 달려가봤어요. 촉촉한 생크림이 입안에서 사르르~ 롤케익도 굿! Cfour의 크레페케익보다는 조금더 달달했어요. 빙글러님들의 생각은 어떤가요?
카페 라리...의 크레이프케익 진~짜 좋아했는데~
@mintree007 살살 녹는답니다! 주말에 다녀오세요~
@alex5004 꼭 드셔보세요! 강추에요.후기도 알려주세요~^^
@Poing 오오오~~ 꼭 먹어봐야겠어요~~
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국내 고속도로 휴게소 맛집 베스트
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The State of Guns in the United States: A Comprehensive Analysis
‍ The United States has long been a country with a passion for firearms, and the numbers show that this trend is not slowing down. With an increasing number of guns in circulation and a growing debate around gun control, it is crucial to understand the state of guns in America. In this comprehensive analysis, we will examine various aspects of firearms in the United States, from manufacturing and ownership to the impact on public health and safety. 1. The Numbers: Guns in Circulation 1.1 Manufacturing and Imports According to historical data from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), over 465 million firearms have been produced for the US market since 1899. This figure includes imports from foreign gunmakers but excludes exports by domestic gunmakers. The United States has consistently been the top exporter of small arms, having shipped over 25 million weapons abroad since 1899. Some of the biggest exporters of guns, according to ATF's count, are also among the top domestic sellers: Sig Sauer, Sturm, Ruger & Company, and Smith & Wesson. 1.2 Guns in Civilian Possession The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the gun industry's trade group, estimated in 2020 that the total number of firearms in civilian possession is 433.9 million. This figure does not appear to account for guns leaving circulation. 1.3 Guns in Law Enforcement The Small Arms Survey, a Switzerland-based organization, estimated in 2018 that local, state, and federal police forces in the United States have just over 1 million firearms. 2. Gun Ownership Trends 2.1 Population vs. Gun Ownership A 2018 report by the Small Arms Survey revealed that US gun owners possess 393.3 million weapons, which is higher than the country's population of about 330 million. In comparison, India, with a population of almost 1.4 billion people, had the second most civilian-owned firearms with 71.1 million. 2.2 Household Gun Ownership While the number of guns in the United States has increased, household gun ownership levels have remained stable or even declined in some periods. The shift in American gun ownership culture has led to fewer people buying guns for recreation and hunting and more buying guns for self-defense. 2.3 Types of Guns Manufactured The majority of guns manufactured in America are handguns. Until the early 1990s, rifles and shotguns routinely outsold pistols and revolvers. Since 1990, more than a third of rifles produced in America have been semiautomatic rifles like AR-15s, according to the NSSF. 3. Tracking Gun Sales and Ownership 3.1 The Challenge of Accurate Accounting Precise accounting of guns in circulation remains elusive due to the lack of federal legislation that would track gun sales or establish a nationwide handgun registry. In the absence of exact figures, we rely on gun owner surveys, industry disclosures, and federal gun background check figures, none of which are comprehensive. 3.2 Background Checks as a Proxy Many news organizations and researchers use FBI background check figures as a proxy for the number of guns entering circulation each month. However, background checks do not correspond one-to-one with sales, as they may include concealed carry permit applications and renewals, multiple weapons purchases with a single background check, and monthly background checks on permit holders in some states. 4. The Impact of Guns on Public Health and Safety 4.1 The Relationship between Gun Production and Gun Deaths Historical data shows a correlation between increased gun production and an increase in gun deaths. While this correlation does not necessarily imply causation, it is worth noting that guns and gun deaths have risen and fallen together at various points in the last half-century. 4.2 The Role of Household Gun Ownership Research by Harvard's David Hemenway has repeatedly found that easily accessible guns lead to more gun deaths. Hemenway suggests that household gun ownership levels might be more important than the size of the civilian gun stock. Additionally, the number of guns in a single household may correlate more strongly to gun deaths than gun production. 4.3 Guns and Suicides The relationship between gun production, particularly handgun production, and suicides is stronger than gun deaths overall. Research has consistently found that when there are more guns, the risk of accidental shootings, suicides, and deadly arguments due to the presence of a gun increases. 5. Gun Control Legislation and Debate 5.1 Gun Rights Advocates vs. Gun Control Advocates The debate around firearm regulation often revolves around the relationship between gun sales and gun violence. Researchers have consistently found that more guns mean more gun deaths, but gun rights advocates continue to argue the opposite. 5.2 The Impact of State-Level Gun Ownership Data The lack of gun ownership data at the state level impedes gun violence research. Without localized data, researchers cannot accurately assess the impact of gun ownership on firearm mortality. 5.3 Legal Challenges and the Gun Industry's Responsibility The corresponding rise in gun production and gun deaths raises questions about the responsibility of the gun industry for the country's gun violence epidemic. This issue is being debated in court, where gun rights groups are challenging recent laws that allow gun manufacturers and sellers to be sued for endangering public safety. 6. The Future of Guns in the United States 6.1 The Influence of Politics and Social Factors Political and social factors have historically influenced gun production and sales. Surges in demand and production have been observed following the election of Barack Obama, Donald Trump's presidential candidacy, and the COVID-19 pandemic. 6.2 Advances in Gun Technology The ATF data does not account for 3D-printed guns and most guns assembled from kits. However, a rule that took effect in 2022 requires privately made firearms to be imprinted with serial numbers, which may result in more accurate information about their manufacture going forward. 6.3 The Ongoing Debate on Firearms Legislation As the numbers of guns and gun-related deaths continue to rise, the debate on firearms legislation will likely intensify. The outcome of this debate will play a significant role in shaping the future of guns in the United States. 7. Gun Powders and Ammunition 7.1 The Role of Gun Powders Gun powders play a crucial role in the function of firearms. The type and quality of gun powders can influence the performance, accuracy, and safety of a firearm. 7.2 Ammunition Manufacturing The manufacturing of ammunition is a vital component of the firearms industry. The availability and affordability of ammunition can influence gun ownership, usage, and the overall firearms market. 8. Education and Training for Gun Owners 8.1 The Importance of Firearm Safety Proper education and training for gun owners are essential for promoting responsible gun use and reducing the risk of accidents, injuries, and deaths related to firearms. 8.2 Training Programs and Resources Various organizations and programs offer firearm safety training and education resources for gun owners, including the National Rifle Association (NRA), local shooting ranges, and online courses. 9. The Economic Impact of the Firearms Industry 9.1 Jobs and Revenue The firearms industry contributes to the US economy through job creation and revenue generation. Gun manufacturers, retailers, and related businesses employ thousands of people and generate billions of dollars in annual revenue. 9.2 The Effect of Legislation on the Industry Gun control legislation and regulations can have a significant impact on the firearms industry. Changes in laws can influence manufacturing, sales, and the overall health of the industry. 10. Conclusion The state of guns in the United States is a complex and multifaceted issue. As the numbers of firearms in circulation continue to rise, along with the associated public health and safety concerns, it is crucial to stay informed and engaged in the ongoing debate surrounding gun control and regulation. By understanding the various aspects of firearms in the US, from manufacturing and ownership to legislation and public health, we can work towards a safer and more responsible future for gun ownership in America.
카페 코랄라니
송정해수욕장 끄트머리에 있다더니 왜 네비에 나오지 않는거지… 업그레이드 한지도 얼마 안됐는데… ㅋ 근데 위치는 송정해수욕장 끄트머리가 밎긴한데 주소로는 기장군 시랑리로 나오더라구요. 위치상 해운대구랑 기장군 경계 정도 되는것 같았어요. 고2는 학원가고, 초4는 아람단에서 놀러가서 간만에 와입이랑 둘이서 커피 한잔하러 오랜만에 송정쪽으로 나가봅니다. 아, 송정쪽으로 간건 맞지만 정확히는 기장 ㅋ 우와 여기 실내외 주차장이 꽉꽉 찼더라구요. 그래서 직원분 허락맞고 길가에 주차했습니다 ㅋ. 설마 자리는 있겠지… 룹탑이랑 윗쪽 자리는 이미 만석이거나 햇볕 때문에 앉기가 뭐 하더라구요. 카페 안 곳곳에 자리가 많았지만 사람들도 많았답니다. 저희가 나갈때쯤엔 더 밀려들어 오더라구요 ㅎ 2층 외부 자리에 앉았습니다. 여기서도 바다가 잘 보이네요 ㅎ 원두는 선택할수 있었습니다. 커피맛 괜찮았습니다. 제가 카페 많이 가봤지만 방송을 통해서 분실물 광고를 하고, 막 구운 빵이 나왔으니 많이 이용해달라는 안내를 하고, 그것도 영어로까지 방송하는건 첨 경험했습니다. 그만큼 카페 내부가 넓고 사람들이 많아서겠죠. 그러고보니 타지나 외국인 손님들도 많았어요. 하긴 근처에 송정해수욕장, 용궁사가 있고, 롯데월드도 있는데다 해운대랑도 멀지 않으니 그런것 같았습니다. ㅋ 인정^^
인천 을왕리 해수욕장 가볼만한곳 카페. 선녀풍
#을왕리해수욕장 #인천해수욕장 #을왕리가볼만한곳 #을왕리카페 #서울근교카페 #카페오라 #을왕리카페오라 #을왕리맛집 #영종도맛집 #물회맛집 안녕하세요. 호미숙 여행작가입니다. 오늘은 새벽부터 충남 대천으로 향합니다.귀여운 희망이 아기고양이도 함께 가는데 완전히 이삿짐 센타네요 ㅎ 오늘 소개할 국내 여행지는 인천 정서진을 들러서 무의도와 영종도를 거쳐오는 코스로 인천 여행을 당일치기로 다녀왔는데요. 마지막 코스로 들렀던 곳 서울 근교 카페 을왕리 오라 카페와 선녀풍 물회 맛집을 소개하겠습니다. 인천 을왕리 해수욕장 가볼만한곳 카페. 선녀풍 1. 바다뷰 오션뷰 카페오라 베이커리 빵집 2, 영종도 맛집 을왕리 맛집 물회 맛집 선녀풍2호점 을왕리해수욕장과 왕산해수욕장이 내려다보이는 오션뷰 카페로 해 질 녘 아름다운 일몰 뷰가 멋진 뷰맛집입니다. 특히 직접 제조하는 베이커리 카페로 빵지순례하는 빵순이들이 즐겨 찾는 대형 카페 중 한 곳입니다. 선녀풍 2호점은 을왕리 카페 오라 사장님 소개로 들렀던 선녀풍물회집으로 이번에 아들과 가서 빵도 주문했기에 용궁물회 소자를 주문해서 냉면사리 2개 추가해서 맛볼 수 있었어요 을왕리에서 선녀풍 모르면 간첩이라고 하죠 ㅎ * 링크를 눌러 상세보기해서 인천 을왕리해수욕장 을왕리 가볼만한곳 확인하세요 https://blog.naver.com/homibike/223108256061?isInf=true * 카페오라 생생한 영상도 감상하세요. https://tv.naver.com/v/36167308 #을왕리해수욕장 #인천해수욕장 #을왕리가볼만한곳 #을왕리카페 #서울근교카페 #카페오라 #을왕리카페오라 #을왕리맛집 #영종도맛집 #물회맛집 #선녀풍 #선녀풍2호점 #용궁물회 #반려동물카페 #반려동물식당 #애견동반카페 #애견동반식당 #서울근교가볼만한곳 #당일치기여행 #서울근교여행