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Yellowstone shot with Iphone 5s
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@dillonk yes. I've used photoshop. contrast and sharpening was done
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thank you
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@smpmemento I think you have processed the image very well. It's not overly sharpened and there isn't too much contrast. If you don't mind, what is you process in adding contrast and sharpening? I always like to know other photographer's workflows
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@dillonk thank you. how do I add contrast?? uh I just play around with the smart sharpen..highlights and shadow .. when I use lightroom,.. same thing. I leave the radius. for contrast..I use levels and curves. I sometimes use adjustment layers but normally just do it in original photo. That's how I do it.. I don't know how others do it. Let me know if there's a better way :)
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@smpmemento Definitely keep using curves for adding contrast as well as color correcting. Depending on your version of photoshop, you can make a curves adjustment layer. That way you can always have the original copy of the image and never have to worry about destroying an original copy. I'm not sure how smart sharpen works, I usually use the unsharp mask because it gives me pretty good control over the amount of sharpening I want.
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