Ryanair Case Studies

Based in Dublin Airport, Ryanair is an Irish low-cost airline that operates within the bases of Dublin Airport and London Stansted Airport. The airline has over 1,100 routes from 45 bases which operate 300 Boeing aircrafts that fly across Europe and Morocco. Ryanair case studies discuss the history, management, business strategies, growth, and future of this airline.

Prior to writing Ryanair case studies, you should read case studies on other airlines from essay writer such as Air Canada case studies, Southwest Airlines case studies and British Airways case studies to learn about the necessary points to discuss with respect to an airline. It is also very important to consult reliable sources on Ryanair as well as read examples of Ryanair case studies to gain more knowledge about the company.

Ryanair case studies should start with a brief discussion of its history since 1985. The airlines’ founders such as Christopher Ryan, Liam Lonergan and Irish businessman Tony Ryan, founder of Guinness Peat Aviation and after whom the company is named should also be mentioned in Ryanair case studies. The management and operations of the company should then be discussed next in Ryanair case studies as well. Most importantly, Ryanair case studies should discuss the business strategies employed by the company that have enabled them to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. These strategies should then be evaluated in terms of effectiveness, suitability, acceptability, and sustainability in Ryanair case studies. Finally, Ryanair case studies should discuss the long-term effects of the strategies implemented by the airline on its growth and its future in the industry.

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