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Jaffa & Sarona
Mid 19th century magic revived.
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@orenshani7 Hey! Thanks for sharing your photographs. I really like images 3 and 7. Care to elaborate a little more on Jaffa and Sarona and why you feel this has revived the magic of the mid 19th century?
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In the mid 19th century, Christian entrepreneurs, mostly from Germany and New-England, have started colonizing areas in the land of Israel. They were driven by the idea that the land must be prepared for the return of the Jews to their homeland, as a precursor of the second coming of Jesus.
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After many years of ignoring an neglecting them, Modern Israel have started re-discovering those colonies, and the people who, Ironically, were quite successful in their initiative to enable the reconstitution of the Jewish homeland-state.
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@orenshani7 This is very interesting, you should have put that into the card description in the first place! Thank you for sharing that information, I would have been ignorant of it otherwise :)
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