Tips to Maintain Industrial Chillers

Chillers represent the single largest electric load of any plant or industry. Over time, various factors such as leaking refrigerant, fouled tubes, and others may escalate the operating costs by 10 percent. Operating the industrial chillers at their peak performance may help you save energy and maintenance costs.
Maintenance of an industrial chiller is essential to ensure lasting life and proper usage of this equipment. We have assembled some easy tips and instructions to operate and maintain your industrial chiller in the long run.

1. It is crucial to keep a daily log on your industrial chiller. Such a log permits you to maintain a history of all the operating conditions of your chiller, such as pressure, temperature, fluid level, and flow rates. You can inspect the machines continuously using any remote operating technology and even generate a report.

2. You need to treat the condenser water of your industrial chiller timely to ward off corrosion and scaling. All the condenser water loops using open cooling sources demand a proper water treatment to keep biological growth, scale, and corrosion at bay. Inspect the chilled water loops at least once an year and check for corrosion before the condition worsens.

3. We recommend you t okeep the rate of chilled water flow between 3-12 feet per second. Changing chilled water flow rate highly affects the performance of the industrial chiller. A low flow rate is not welcome as it lowers down the efficiency of the device. At the same time, a high flow rate leads to vibration. Hence, make sure that the flow rate is neither too high nor too low.

4. We also recommend you install variable speed drives on the industrial chiller. The motor of the chiller is the largest single electrical load in the building. When the operating conditions are right, variable speed drives or VSD could offer great energy savings. Moreover, they also act as a soft starter to lower the inrush current for the motor to that of the full-load running amps.

Take all the above-listed tips into consideration while maintaining your industrial chiller so that it shows you increased efficiency and performance.
About the Author:
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