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The main branch, with exhibitions, etc. At least take a photo out front with Patience and Fortitude, the lions who guard the entrance!
@ameliasantos10, Yes, I've been there! I think I just feel smarter reading or studying in a library that looks like this:)I used to work in a bookstore in NY, and I'd take my lunch break inside this library. I love spending all day with books:)
I'd say the NY public library is the most iconic and recognizable library in the world!
@librarylady i am so jealous! i wish i could visit it one day! and well i totally understand what you mean by feeling smarter in a library! i feel like i am actually getting some knowledge into my head! i mean even on a hotter day i just kind of like sitting around and reading books and just drinking my tea or coffee!
I would love to visit the library one day! I wish I had these kind of libraries near by when I study it looks like i could stay there forever to study!! @gabyrich @librarylady have you guys been there?