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There are always intriguing exhibits at The Morgan.
This is beautiful! I wish we had this kind of library in our country. :(
@librarylady i think for me i just kind of didn't realise how much i love being in the library.. up until i moved to Korea then i realised that i kind of miss sitting in a library and reading for fun! and yes i must visit NY one day for the NYPL but for now i guess I could just visit them through the cards you post up?
I went to one a few years ago that was Beatrix Potter's letters, including the ones that were the beginning of The Tale of Peter Rabbit.. They just had an exhibit about the Little Prince that I would have loved to go to!
I'm pretty sure that kind of library doesn't exist in our country and there aren't any good libraries here. The thing is, the government does not allocate funds for a free public library nor do they care. And the worst part is, people aren't that interested either. But you're right, I'll definitely use this as my inspiration to work hard and travel to places like these to feed my mind. I love reading and I will always be in the pursuit for knowledge no matter what :) Thank you @LibraryLady
@lbrilla, well, this list is for inspiration, too! Search out good libraries where you live, and make a list of ones you want to visit someday:)
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