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This looks like a comfortable place with great lighting. I'm not sure when I'll get to South America.
And I cleared up the initial confusion by correcting my spelling of Colombia as Columbia--no wonder you were thinking of the university!
thanks, @greggr, for clearing that up! I like the idea of napping on those couches. I wonder if they'd let you:)
When I first read the title, I thought it meant Colombia university! Haha! Do you know what city its in? @librarylady
I live near by Columbia University here in New York City. So actually I got happy when I saw this. I am a stay home mom I was going to take advantage of this. Lol thank you anyway. God bless you
@LibraryLady No problem! I have misspelled many a city name. Thanks for correcting it. I think, if we slyly sit with a book in hand, we can get away with a quick nap.
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