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What are some outdoor rain safety tips?

We love rain sound because we sense the melody of nature. It stimulates our inner creativity. The sight of bright green trees, blooming flowers, and the earth's smell are the main reasons to love the monsoon season. Though, from power breakdowns to road accidents, this wet rainy weather can also create many problems, especially if you're not well equipped in advance. Therefore, if you desire to enjoy this season of the year without facing any adverse incidents, here are some useful outdoor rain safety tips that you must follow.

Equip yourself with the basics:

It is best to put down everything you might need to battle the rains this monsoon. So, it is an excellent time to buy an umbrella, Waterproof Rain Ponchos, and a rain-jacket if you are interested in stepping out during this season. Stock some extra towels and warm blankets.

Stay connected:

Whether you are at home or outside, it is best to stay connected with your family members and friends. Make sure you have a charged and fully functional mobile phone to be carried at all times. If you require to call anyone for help in an emergency case.

Avoid eating outside food:

Avoid eating outside during the rainy season, mostly uncovered food items. If you avoid eating out during the rainy season, you can automatically keep many health disorders away from you. However, if it's urgent to attend the meeting or dinner, ensure to put on a waterproof rain poncho to protect the dress.

Learn basic first aid:

You must know how to treat primary injuries and illnesses. It includes the flu, cold, headache, fever, earache, stomachache, toothache, etc. Carry your first aid kit with you while traveling in rainy seasons. Before helping anyone else, ensure you have all essentials with you, like a first aid kit, spare shoes, and extra waterproof rain poncho.

Be cautious for slippery surfaces:

Being alert and safety consciousness goes a long way in helping reduce slips and falls. Wear comfortable, slip-resistant shoes. During the rainy seasons, the bones are likely to encounter fractures.
Variable terrains and Low-hanging branches make traveling risky, and dead leaves of trees can hide slippery areas underneath.

Stay Away from Electricity Sources and wires:

This one is the essential safety tip for the rainy period is to stay aside from electric wires. Many people don't recognize it; these wires mostly still live, and touching them could be disastrous.
The tendency of the falling pole is dangerous for your vehicles. Furthermore, do not park your car directly under the power lines or next to utility poles throughout the monsoon season.

Thunder and Lightning:

Teach your kids about primary safety around lightning and thunder. It's time to go indoors if you hear thunder, especially if swimming and even if it hasn't started to rain.
Avoid visiting open areas, such as isolated tall objects like trees, playing fields, and metal objects like clotheslines and fences. During thunder and lightning, also avoid mobile devices with GPS on.
To resume outdoor activities, Wait at least 20 to 30 minutes after the last observed thunder or lightning strike.

Drive Carefully And Slowly

During the monsoon season, road accidents are quite common. If any vehicle behind you is tailgating, assured to set some distance between the two. Avoid making any sudden turns as well. Don't forget to check your brakes, fuel, wipers, and tires before driving in rainy weather. During the rainy season, keep a waterproof rain poncho in your car to use if the engine fails.

Avoid flooded Zones:

It's hard to estimate that how flooded areas are damaging your car. Sometimes cars can float with even just one foot of flooded water depending upon the water current.