Whole Home Water Filter

A Water Saver OXY Shower Filters delivers consistently high quality water throughout your house, even when you're not accessing it directly from your faucet, sink, shower, or kitchen tap. Removing surface water pollutants and other hard water minerals from your drinking water before they reach your house not only improves water taste, it improves water performance throughout your entire home. Hard water contains calcium, magnesium, iron, and other metals that can clog plumbing fixtures, break down shower doors and tub walls, damage appliances, and make your pipes and equipment rust. These metals, in addition to calcium and magnesium, have a negative impact on pipes that bring water into your house.
If you install a whole home water filter, you'll be protecting your plumbing, your appliances, your pipes, and your whole house filtration system. Water is one of the most important elements of any household, and the type of protection a good filtration system can provide is essential. Professional whole house filtration systems such as Aquasana Whole House Water Filters, rely on a series of filters that work together to provide purified water throughout the house.
In addition to water purification, some whole home water filters also have added features to remove chlorine and other chemicals found in tap water. Chlorine has been linked to an increased risk of bladder cancer among women, and many children have shown an increase in intestinal illnesses after frequent exposure to chlorinated swimming pools. Whole home filtration systems eliminate the risk from these chemicals by removing excess chlorine through carbon filtration. Other chemicals that can be removed include herbicides, pesticides, and industrial chemicals. A carbon based filter can remove these chemicals effectively.
Another advantage of using a whole home water filter is that they're easy to install. Many are designed to fit on the counter or in a kitchen sink, and some even come equipped with a manual push button for simple installation. Even if you decide to hire a plumber to install your system, the cost of bottled waters is likely to make you rethink your decision. Most filters only require about two hours of installation time, compared to six to eight hours for a whole home filtration system.
The best part about using a whole-home filtration system is that it removes all of the contaminants, including lead and other dangerous contaminants that have been linked to learning disabilities in children. Some systems have a level of carbon that's lower than others. The difference between these two filters is the level of porous media they use to remove contaminants. A carbon based water filter will remove more contaminants than a carbon-based filter, but it is more expensive and can only remove certain contaminants.
One advantage of whole house filters is that they don't shut down your water pressure. If you happen to get a good whole house filter system, then it will shut down your water pressure automatically. You'll notice this benefit by taking a shower; when you let the water run through the filter, the pressure drops and your water stays cold. This saves energy and water, and it also means that your shower is a lot more pleasant, because your hot water is not splashing all over the bathroom floor.
There are many disadvantages to using a whole house filter. First of all, you may get overzealous with its use and actually ruin your shower water chemistry. If you take a long shower and then take a hot shower, the resulting mixture is actually worse than if you just took a short shower. The longer the filter has been on your water, the more sediment it has collected from your water. If you have hard water problems, this can cause serious chemical damage to your pipes. If you have a good filtration system, however, this won't be a problem.
Whole home filtration systems are actually better for your health than chlorine water filters. Chlorine can cause a lot of harm to people's health. For one thing, it is bad for your digestive system. If you take a shower in chlorine water, you will also experience dry skin, hair loss, and body odor. Whole home filtration is a good solution if you want to protect your health while enjoying a great shower.