Avoid these Common Myths about Dental SEO

Dental SEO is one of the most important aspects of a dental marketing strategy. You can develop and organize SEO for dentists successfully by adhering to time-tested SEO practices such as producing quality content. It’s crucial to navigate away from sensationalism and myths that pander to industry peers, and more towards marketing efforts that speak directly to the customer.

Using Tools to Help

There are useful tools, such as Google Analytics that can help with marketing efforts geared towards dental patients. Such tools assist with the creation of clear, concise, and educational content, and even help identify potential keyword opportunities. Usage of analytics is a proven way to help attract customers and is directly tied to your ROI. A clear, and focused approach that is gained from SEO insights helps target the right people who have the right intent. Moreover, a significant increase in business is always seen when pain points are addressed. This is a good perspective to have towards dental digital marketing as it is devoid of myths, which cause marketing messages to be lost and distorted.

There is a lot of information related to SEO strategies on the internet and often time not fact-based. There are common myths that circulate among SEO experts that should be debunked, to ensure that your SEO strategy is effective. SEO for dentists that produces desirable results requires embracing fact-based strategies, mostly backed by analytical insights because they are concrete and contrast from common myths. The following myths of SEO are common, therefore it is imperative to recognize and address them if they are already affecting your marketing by acknowledging their truths.

Myth: I'll Rely on My Dental Peers for Information
Truth: Unproven strategies and speculation are one of the main detriments to successful dental marketing. Usually, digital marketing for dentists success stories is derived from marketers who conduct case studies and focus on insights.

Myth: I'm an Expert Judge When it Comes to Other Dental Marketing Messages
Truth: It can be quite a challenge to understand other dental marketing messages from the perspective of the customer. Given that you have a level of expertise in the field, you’d most certainly look at the advertisements from a more technical perspective than the customer.

Myth: My New Equipment Should Be at the Forefront of My Marketing
Truth: While your new technology might be beneficial for the customer, very rarely do they have the background information to comprehend the technicalities of it. Effective SEO for dentists starts with analytics that focuses on customer intent.

Myth: Advertising in the Yellow Pages is Outdated
Truth: While the share number of dentists is that use Yellow Pages for promotion is extensive, Yellow pages is still a viable option for marketing and a channel is still a mainstay for customers. It's often the first resource of customers looking for a local dentist.

Myth: Marketing is Too Costly
Truth: While not all SEO may be effective, targeted SEO provides an ROI that warrants the costs incurred. For example, digital marketing for dentists such as services by MacRAE’S continues to show results backed by insights tools and technology approved by search engines.

Myth: Tracking Results Isn't Necessary
Truth: Analytics tools are some of the most essential aspects of SEO. Tracking the analytics and results of prospective visitors will help you avoid mismanaging marketing campaigns which could delay the successful results.

Myth: Brochures Should Be Simple and on One Page
Truth: There's no perfect brochure, as each dental practice offers distinctive services. Brochures make a great addition to an overall marketing strategy and even support SEO. Combining on and off-page marketing is more effective than a stand-alone marketing strategy.