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The popular movie "The Princess Diaries" starring Anne Hathaway as Princess Mia is actually based off of a book series by Meg Cabot. While the character Mia is very similar, personality wise, in both the series and the movie, the overall story is quite different. While the basics of the plot (girl-finds-out-she-is-a-princess-but-didn't-know-she-was) is the same, the conditions the story develops under differ greatly. First, the book is set in New York City, while the movie takes place in San Francisco. Second, Mia is 14 in the books when she first finds out the truth about her title, and in the movie she is 16, and learning to drive. She is also a small, flat-chested blonde in the books, but doesn't match this appearance in the movie. Two huge character differences cause major changes in the plot. First, Mia's grandmother, played by Julie Andrews in the movie, is actually cross, a smoker, a bit of mean-spirit and absolutely hates being called grandmother in the book. Julie Andrews is refined, elegant and more: she seems like a queen. The second character that greatly differs is her father: in the books, he is alive. In the movie, he is dead. Big difference, right?! Overall, the details of the story are the same. But the change in the grandmother really changes the tone of the whole story for me. The book is characterized by her brashness, her distinct energy and the way that plays into Mia's change into a Princess. In the movie, she is kind and refined, which makes the process, overall, much different. Another big difference is that there the movie has a sequel. This sequel is completely a product of Hollywood: there is no mention of any events like those in the series! Check out some of the books covers, and the movie trailer above! Have you seen the book and read the movie? Which did you prefer?
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@onesmile hahaha i am probably guilty of doing the same thing!! sometimes i just want to watch something light and cute and well in this case it's the princess diaries! i actually hope that many of her books will be made into movies like the American Girl series is pretty cute too!
@ameliasantos10 yeah!! I was surprised they cut him out, but I guess it was necessary with the way the story was changed.
@timeturnerjones yes i guess so ... if he was still alive then i guess the movie wouldn't be able to carry out the whole emphasis on single mum thing ? i am not sure why they cut it out but i guess you are right it was for the flow of the story?
@ameliasantos10 yeah, it also probably had to change since the grandma changed. otherwise she might have been seen too harshly, like in the book.
@timeturnerjones you are right! sometimes i just forget how sometimes if they go exactly the same as the book it might be too harsh because some people don't know the book and it kind of get judged by the movie! and that sometimes make me a little bit mad! :( haha but yes if the grandma was the same as the book i don't think the movie can be inspirational to the girls