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We all know that pogo games are a large platform for online gaming, which fascinates gaming enthusiasts in a large number. Daily, many young and old users come to pogo games and play various types of games that can help users relax and spend some leisure time.
Sometimes, users go through some glitches and errors while playing the game, one of which is pogo gems not showing, which creates chaos in players' minds because these gems are used in games to purchase additional games features through which users can experience the new side of a particular game.
There can be many issues that can be caused because of this particular issue. But there is no need to get panic because this error can be solved by following some simple steps that can make your gems visible.

Pogo gems not showing even after the survey

Pogo gems are added to your account only after you have completed the games, level, or a survey. Although pogo games immediately add your gems to your account after you complete the games, if your gems are not added, then it might take some time because:
You might not have completed the survey correctly.
You might not be eligible for a survey.
Your internet connection might not be working fine.

Pogo gems not showing at all

Most of the time, users have gems in their accounts, but they are not visible. In such situations, you must check your gems transaction, or you can also go through some troubleshoot steps, which are stated below:-
Open pogo and login into your account.
Now enter your password.
After this, go to billing and subscription.
Now go to my gems purchasing.
Click on other resources.
Now go to gems transaction record and check all the transactions that have been made through your account.


This is how you can solve this missing gem issue in pogo games by following the above-given steps. If you are still unable to fix the issue, then you can call the Pogo Support team for assistance 24/7.