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Do you like kangaroos? I'd never really thought of them as "cute" or "cuddly" especially since I know that their legs can pack a serious punch, but in Perth, Australia, you can feed the domesticated kangaroos that are at the Caversham Wildlife Park. This park features more than 200 species of animals, and is, in many ways, an Australian zoo. While it may not be a true "wildlife" experience, you can experience wildlife that you really cannot truly meet and greet in the wilderness. Among the activities that you can sign up for is a "Feed the Kangaroos" experience. This option is available everyday from 930am till 5pm, and is just what it sounds! Since you've already paid the park entrance fee, the roo feed is free, and you can take as many pictures as you like. Kangaroos and wallabies, both friendly and used to the attention, will crowd around hoping to be fed! Besides kangaroo feeding, you can also have up close experiences with koalas, wombats and dingos at the park. Check out the video on slide #6 to see a video showing all the parks features. The kangaroos show up at 2:00! Getting to Caversham Wildlife Park once in Perth is pretty easy--you can take a taxi, or take the train and a bus to Whiteman Park. Caversham Wildlife Park is located within Whiteman Park, and entrance to Whiteman park and parking in the area is free. Adult entrance to Caversham Wildlife Park costs AUD$25 and children under 14 years old costs AUD$11.
@YulikGuler I know, they look quite frail but I guess they're stronger than they look!
feeding kangaroo sounds like quite an experience! and well $ 25 sounds like a great deal to me for kangaroos and interactions with other animals! hahah and apparently koalas are supposed to be more dangerous than they look! @onesmile i think you might have a typo in your card about the available time :D
I visited Australia a few years back and had an absolutely fantastic time - I even got to feed the kangaroos too but I met them in a reserve up in Cairns. How long were you in Australia for?
they hands is so slim :)
awesome !