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There's something wonderful about being up before the sun at the lake. The fog takes its time pulling back from the surface and lifting up into the sky and up, away with the clouds. I took this photo in 2007 (woah!) on an early morning fishing with my dad. We may have only gone fishing once a year, but it was always a good time. I can't guarantee we caught any fish. As always, I'm looking for tips on how I could improve this picture with some modifications. I think this would could use some changes to the color balance, but I'm not sure what it's lacking. ================================== Photo taken by: hikaymm Camera: Canon PowerShot SD800 IS
looks like a calm morning to be out on the lake. nice picture.
This looks like a really private lake! Do you go here a lot? @hikaymm
@mcgraffy thank you! if I remember well it was a little cold, but very relaxing