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I took the train into LA yesterday and spent some time wandering around Union Station. I'm sure you have seen it in at least a few movies! The architecture is a mix of art deco and ranchero, with a tile roof, exposed wood ceilings, and great glass work. I used a black and white filter to give it a timeless look, because you can almost feel the Hollywood stars of the past as you walk through the station. I tried to brigthen some shadows so that the details in the doors are more visible. Taken on my Samsung Galaxy S4 :)
i love this pic and i agree with @dillonk i like this image bc its desolate therefore it makes you focus more on the architecture design concept of the building, gives it a new meaning and appreciation b/c most liking such things goes unnoticed...
@caricakes Great photograph, especially on a mobile phone! Wow! Maybe this is just me not being very familiar with the Hollywood area, but this doesn't make me think about Hollywood stars, but about their absence. It seems void, empty, bleak. There should be people there, given the significance of the location, but it looks desolate. That is what makes me love this image, and I think that would make for a very powerful collection of work! Regardless of my opinion you should keep it up!