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SUPER JUNIOR click and drag game :P
the way the game you click the mouse on the image and drag the image, see WHO shows up :) [ CLICK ONLY ONCE ] I'm: best friend: Donghae has a crush on you: Kyuhyun first kiss: Donghae lover: Donghae no. of children: 2 :D haha cockblocked by: Siwon DONGHAEEEEE OMG! : * I'm so lucky ~ ~ I like the results (Donghae Oppa was my soul mate) and YOU !?
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Best Friend : Leeteuk Has a crush on you : Siwon Lover : Donghae First kiss : Siwon No.of children : 1 Cockblocked : Eunhyuk
Best Friend : Donghae Has a crush on you : Siwon Lover : Siwon First Kiss : Donghae No. of children : 2 Cockblocked by ; Eunhyuk If only these results were real and true...lolz...
best friend : Donghae Has a crush on you : Heechul Lover : Yesung First Kiss : Kyuhyun no. of children : 2 cockblocked by: Siwon My Frist Kiss KYUHYUNN !!!! :D :* ^^ LUCKY