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Photo or Fine Art? See if You Can Discern What This Artist Uses for His Colorful Images

Can you tell if these images are photos or drawings?
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I mean, I could pretty much tell right off the bat that these were drawings but maybe that's just my experienced eye. By the way, I really don't like the title. Fine art OR photography....what is keeping photography from being fine art?
@amog32 I'm glad someone is on my side :)
@dillonk @dashburst I don't think so; the way people read things is important!
@amog32 Well I know photography has been considered art for years, I was just wondering why @dashburst made his title sound like it wasn't! Maybe I'm being too sensitive to this, hahaha
@dillonk Nothing, of course. Photography has grown into an art and been an art for years and years and yeara
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