Goo Jun Pyo VS. KIm Tan Goo Jun Pyo: Arrogant, rich since birth lived with parents,went to his own family owned school, lived in families home, fell in love with Geum Jandi because she didn't give up. KIm Tan: in exile from his family thanks to his older brother in a different country, mom was father's mistress, lives alone in the united states, fell in love with Cha Eun Sang in the middle of his loneliness and returns to america to fight for his love. Comment all you want, I'm tired of hearing Min Ho's roles are all the same when that's not true.
comment all you want!!!
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Los dos personajes son muy diferentes y maravillosos, aunque me quedo con la dulzura de kim tan <3. Echo mucho de menos a LMH mientras graba su pelicula :(
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@ruizangelofluv don't bother what people said . We know Lee Min Ho is a great actor . Acted differently in every drama he played with great acting skill . Even though his body was not moving and he was not even talking in his drama but his expression said it all cos his a very good actor
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@lienleeminho amen to that
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whatever he portrayed he is doing great..there is similarities which you cannot avoid it, usually the settings, the important is...he did very well.. he acts natural still like his acting ..
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