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"‘Surf photography’s been around forever. I wanted something different.’" - Mark Tipple As a surfer, I understand what Mark says when he talks about his simultaneous love and fear of the ocean. Although he is on the other side of the Pacific (he's based in Australia,) he captures the waves the way I feel them. You can almost hear them crashing around you. I've always wanted to try my hand at underwater photography, but I think I'll just stick to surfing and leave the photos the Mark. Here is a small explanation of this project from Mark's website. ""I've always been intrigued by what happens below the surface, like what's happening where we can't see." While watching the slide-show on Mark's laptop I'm amazed at the detail of this 'other world' that's portrayed with his selection. An accomplished documentary photographer, in the past Mark has used the ocean as an escape for some solace away from his projects. Lately, while between projects he's been "hanging out" below the surface trying to capture what happens while swimming on a slow summer's day. "Coming from a surfing background I used to wonder what happens when we're duck-diving, like, what it looks like from a different angle than what we can see. Kinda hard to explain but it has always been on my mind. I used to surf with a small video camera and housing attached to my helmet, (pauses) it worked surprisingly well but my neck couldn't take the impact and stress while trying to duck-dive and capture the right angle. Even tried to turn it back on myself to see what happens clearer but that, uh, sucked (laughs). I looked for a new approach to capture what I was seeking, which basically meant getting off the surfboard."
@pipeline I'm sure it's hard to get off the surfboard in these conditions just to take photographs, but theres are really stunning! He says it's hard to explain, but I don't agree with that at all. It seems like a pretty straight forward project. Really lovely images here, thanks for this!
The 7th image looks like he is shooting up from the bottom of the ocean. I've aways wondered what the curve of a wave crashing looked like more clearly. These pictures really show a variety of what they can look like!