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Social Media Marketing: The New Era

There is so much buzz and hype about social networking and/or social media marketing that these are what everyone wants to know right now. This really is the next big thing and this is marketing for the 21st century. Let me share with you my personal feelings about social media marketing. Social media marketing is the process of promoting your website or online business through social media channels and it is key to furthering your brand/customer communication. for information visit

The rules of social media marketing can be qualified in one sentence." Behave in social networks as if you want others to act for you. As people are a social being and will always be a social being." Initially, there were two huge social networking giants. mySpace and Facebook These two networks were joined by online marketers to market their opportunities. A site where anyone can share his/her views, opinions and ideas through various mediums such as audio, video, pictures, etc. is a social media site.
These social media sites play the most important role in creating brand awareness, increasing visibility and selling products/services. Well, the value of MySpace and Facebook is declining these days due to the "monumental release of fresh and niche focused social networks". Some professional social networks. Yuwie,, Friendswin, Zenzuu, and Wowzza, DirectMatches, Ryze and many, many more ...... Now, the question is why they are so popular among internet marketers. The only answer to this question is that targeted advertising is so very much better than any type of advertising that the old ways of network marketing have been eliminated. It's true, all professional social networks are not created equal, so you need to look for some basic points before deciding which social media network you will utilize: targeting. somewhat or Extremely the first important thing to do is to find out if the people participating in the social network are the people you are looking for. Are people interested in what you have to offer, or do they like your mindset.

If you're joining a social network that includes members interested in love and dating, then that's completely irrelevant to you (if your priorities are outside of love and dating, like business). This point made above includes the word "totally", and the reason why I use totally is because being irrelevant diminishes the potential of that social network for you. What can be an incredible source for a business person? The answer is a social network that includes only network marketers and business seekers. Do they have any kind of restrictions? The best thing you must do to maximize your exposure is to increase your list of friends and contacts, accepting invitations from those seeking like-minded people on social networks. Some social networks limit the number of people you can send messages to, which is a very negative limitation. On the other hand, there are some social networks that allow you to add unlimited friends.

This is something you should choose. But remember that it is too important to use the social networks in a proper way. Free, paid or both - what type of members? Find out if the membership is free or all paid. If the members are free, then it is unlikely that they are purchase ready. However, a paid membership social network is one that has the highest quality members that can have enough money to invest while working with you. SEO and SMM are also misunderstood. You see, social media marketing is a supplement to traditional SEO, not a substitute. Some of the basic features of the social media marketing community are: submitting/tagging/polling content, generating profiles, and making many, many friends.

In summary, social media marketing is what helps any online business to promote and spread ideas to their target audience, it's not just hitting the first page of any social news site with a psychology article, it's actually a strategic and organizational process of building an online reputation within the community of potential customers.
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