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Since I am home for the summer, I decided to revisit one of my favorite trails near my house. It's a great mix of hills and flat ground, dirt paths and cement. The only thing that gets me every time is the monster hill at the end of the trail. (Photo 1) For some reason it doesn't look as threatening in the photo, but it's a steep one! The view from the top though (Photo 2) is worth it! After living away from nature when I'm in school, the lizards and bugs on the trail kept taking me by surprise. The biggest surprise though, came in the form of a peacock (Photo 3) The picture is taken from a distance because once I saw it close up I hightailed it out of there. I HATE birds hahaha The hike was a perfect way to end my day. Gyms are so dreary compared to exercising out in the fresh air. Do you guys have any places you go to workout outdoors?
@nokcha still, thats impressive! Hiking is so much fun with friends :)
@nokcha ohhh, we didnt just walk the whole time, we rested some and took pics of the area, it was a hike and sight see, lolz
@cheerfulcallie 5 hours?! Wow! My walks are an hour and a half maximum haha And a waterfall?! Much better than peacocks. I hope you reach it next time and can share with us :) @sjeanyoon At least it didnt land IN your clam chowder!!
@Sjeanyoon wah??? awww you poor thing, dont mean to laugh but that's hella funny....hahhahahahahahh!!!!!
@nokcha The last time I expressed my dislike for sea gulls i got pooped on while eating a bowl of clam chowder. Initially I thought my grandma chucked clam chowder at me.
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