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Don’t feed your dogs any human prescription drug or even over-the-counter drugs unless your Vet instructs you to do so. Ingredients in pain relievers and cold medicine (acetaminophen and ibuprofen) can prove deadly for your dog. Make sure to keep all your medicine in places out of your dog’s reach!
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Actually, my old dog could get her prescription filled at the pharmacy at Target! The vet obviously prescribed these to her, but I just thought it was so funny to go to a pharmacy and ask for Pumpkin's medicine haha
@cheerfulcalli I know a couple of people who give their dogs sleeping pills on the 4th of July to help calm them down. X.x Makes me so upset
@caricakes you so funny, lolz @Sjeanyoon thats very alarming and i would be upset too..i just never knew ppl did such things, smh!!
My dogs prescription was also filled at the pharmacy, but it was a very weak dose intended for children and approvwd by a vet.