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I have spent the past 20 years parenting, writing, teaching and doing all of the other activities that these professions necessitate. Many of my fellow teachers, while they once fancied themselves writers as well, have fallen back and shorts-topped their passion. But, it can be possible. Even as a parent, with a job, and with other responsibilities, it is possible and necessary for writers to find time to practice their craft. And so, I'll share with you three ways I've found success in getting the time I need to jot a few lines. 1) Give the an hour of "special play time." This can be simple: tell them they can choose what they want to watch, read, play or do for the next hour. While they enjoy their freedom at your side, write. If they want to go to the park, bring a notebook and try to get some writing done as well. This can take some time to adjust to, and will not work every time, but can be an effective way of getting some work in. 2) Accept help from those who will offer. Sometimes, your partner, or mother, or friend, whoever, might offer to watch the kids for a night so you can get some work done, or relax. As parents, we often feel sorry taking this opportunity, but give it a shot. Allow your kids a night of "fun" with someone else, and take some time to work on your personal projects. 3) Get up early. Yes, even earlier. We already get up early, but sometimes, the best moments of peace come before the headaches of the day have even though of beginning. Take just 15 or 20 minutes of this time to write, and you'll find yourself noticing more and more moments to write throughout the day.