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Hello! I've started a new collection for my pictures that I took in May 2013 when I was traveling in Jeju Island, South Korea. This picture was the ocean near the hostel my friends and I were staying at, and was the first ocean view that greeted us when we began walking around the area. As always, if you have any suggestions to improve the photo, please let me know! =================================== Photographer: Me Camera: Canon Rebel t3i
@hikaymm that is great to know! that the price of the cab is cheap!! haahha i will totally check out maybe a package or something! and have you heard of the restaurant that sells noodles? apparently when you order it the owner jumps into the ocean and find the ingredients right there! haha
@hikaymm thankyou for the recommendation! i guess i should check it out because i was planning to maybe visit jeju this summer! and can i ask another question? was it hard to get around the island??
@hikaymm thanks for sharing your photos with us! and well since you have already been to Jeju.. is there any special recommendation of where i should go in jeju??
@hikaymm Have a fun and safe trip! Thanks for documenting your experience and sharing it with us :)
@hikaymm i saw it online and ohmygosh i wanted to fly to jeju right away!! it looked so delicious like the best ramyun i will get to eat!
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