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George Adams and Abraham McKenzie, colonists from Maine arrived in Jaffa on 22 September 1866. They founded the American Colony in Tel Aviv-Yafo. They erected their wooden houses from prefabricated segments they had brought with them. Many settlers contracted Cholera, and about a third of them died.[1] Most returned to America. In 1869, newly arriving settlers from the Kingdom of Württemberg led by Georg David Hardegg (1812–1879) and Christoph Hoffmann, members of the Temple Society, replaced them.
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This is fantastic, the colors all tie together in each picture. Thanks for the history behind it too!
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The street's name is "Beer-Hofmann". Sorry for the typo. Also the story of the American-German colony above, is taken from Wikipedia.
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@orenshani7 Thanks for adding all this info! This is some of the best work I've seen from you yet, I'm truly impressed! Thanks for sharing these :)
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