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Beer-Hofmann street, Jaffa
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George Adams and Abraham McKenzie, colonists from Maine arrived in Jaffa on 22 September 1866. They founded the American Colony in Tel Aviv-Yafo. They erected their wooden houses from prefabricated segments they had brought with them. Many settlers contracted Cholera, and about a third of them died.[1] Most returned to America. In 1869, newly arriving settlers from the Kingdom of Württemberg led by Georg David Hardegg (1812–1879) and Christoph Hoffmann, members of the Temple Society, replaced them.
This is fantastic, the colors all tie together in each picture. Thanks for the history behind it too!
The street's name is "Beer-Hofmann". Sorry for the typo. Also the story of the American-German colony above, is taken from Wikipedia.
@orenshani7 Thanks for adding all this info! This is some of the best work I've seen from you yet, I'm truly impressed! Thanks for sharing these :)