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The continuing drama of the 4 couple. Ahri cries in front Yoon's late wife picture Sera admitting she miss Teesan A romantic bike date for Jungrok and Minsong And The awaiting Yisoo and Dojin story TONIGHT LIVE!!!! CAST: Jang Dong Gun as Kim Do Jin Kim Ha Neul as So Yi Soo Kim Su Ro as Im Tee san Kim Min Jong as Choi Yun Lee Jong Hyuk as Lee Jung Rok Yun See Ya as Hong Se Ra Yun Jin Yi as Im Me Ahri Kim Jong Nan as Park Min Song ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Live recap starts now Opening scene: Dojin was in check in counter. Suddenly a phone called, the Dojin just left leaving his baggage. Jungrok who was in fight with Minsong accepted same call, and just left Minsong even after a divorce threat from minsong. teesan who was in bar entertaining guest accept a message and just left the important guest. The 3 guys wear black suit and running to the mourning room. The found yoon who just sit in blank expression. The 3 guys helps Yoon change to his mourning suit. Yoon was just in shock and doing nothing. Teesan and Jungrok tried to hold their tears.Yoon suddenly fell down. The 3 guys just broke to tears feeling Yoon's sadness the 3 guys was in Yoon's side all the way the mourning process. back to Dojin and Yisoo in the restaurant. Dojin said he will go with Yisoo. Yisoo was holding her tears then throw Dojin's hand yisoo was meeting with her mother. Yisoo was so upset. yisoo asked her mother why bother her, and she was not her mother from she was 12 years old. And then the mother asked Yisoo not to meet with her new brother and sister. Yisoo broke down to tears. And Dojin was listening from the seat behind Yisoo. Teesan was in meeting with the staff. He told the staff that Dojin was taking a holiday. But Dojin suddenly come up. He was continuing the staffe meeting after Teesan left after telling him the guys want to meet up later. After finishing the meeting, he was meeting the 3 guys in the cafe. The 3 guys was wearing cute accesories, Jungrok with his JYP style. Teesa with scarf and big glasses, Yoon with big bow tie and round glasses. Dojin was laughing seeing the guys. The 3 guys was successful in making Dojin laugh. Teesan give Dojin his scarf then Yoon give him his glasses, telling him to wear it and being embarassed so he can't think anything But Dojin said Yisoo had the same colour of dress as the scarf. Dojin and Yisoo remembering their sweet time together. Yisoo who remember Dojin's word in the restaurant suddenly woke up from her bed and went out. Dojin who was walking in the park remembering Yisoo's tear in he restaurant. He was going to call Yisoo when suddenly yisoo appeared in front of him Yisoo said she miss him so come there. Dojin was asking Yisoo if she want to go eat or watch movies. Yisoo said no to everything, Yisoo said do u miss me, do u want to catch me? Dojin said everyone will look Yisoo with weird face saying that why she want to be with someone who has a child. Yisoo who heard it just left. Sera come to Yisoo's room.She told sera she will sell the house. She also told Sera that she already sold her car since her lifestyle is too much for her finance. She asked Yisoo to look for another place. Sera the meet with Teesa, saying Teesan should just let her alone. Everyone can know her problem but not Teesan Suddenly Teesan's mother called him saying she was in hospital telling him to meet her. Sera who was listening all that look worried. Teesan was actually being set up by his mother. Sera who saw that just sit next to them. The woman is the hospital owner's daughter, she said she can give birth 2-3 child, and serve Teesan 2 meals a day. Teesan and Sera was laughing hearing all that. After the woman left. Sera told Teesa, the woman was better than her and told Teesan to marry her. Sera said she will pay back his money soon. Teesan get up and said, u have to be championship this year since he can only wait that long. Sera was in tears, Teesan open his arm then let Sera come to him sera hold him and cry. Jungrok surprising Minsong who was jogging in the park. She told Minsong to ride in back and give her MP3 to listen. Jungrok surprised her so she will hold his back. Jungrok said that from the woman she meet, she's the shortest, the coldest and everything but he was addicted to her. Minsong who didn't listen to MP3 told Jungrok she listened all of that. Jungrok got embarassed but Minsong was happy. Minsong met with DOjin who was choosing furniture in her shop. She was saying to Dojin that she met with yisoo before and Yisoo look not happy. Minsong also told DOjin the one word woman hate to her is "sorry" DOjin and collin was setting the new place. They have different taste. Collin was changing all the furniture and made Dojin angry. Then collin also order new bed. DOjin was helpless in handling him. He told collin that he has to go to school. Collin wasnt to refuse but no way. Yoon who was thinking Ahri looking at his bracelet. Dojin asked Yoon help to find school for Collin. Yoon called Yisoo and told Yisoo that he want to enter Collin to her school. Yisoo said it's not the child's fault, she will accept it. yisoo meet with Collin who come to school. Suddenly her fave student come and report back to school. Yisoo told Collin to tell his parent to come on monday since it's her rule to meet with parents. Dojin come and meet with Yisoo. Yisoo discuss about Collin. and ask his son's fave. Dojin was just speechless. and he just think silently in his car after finish. The 3 guys was teaching collin how to behave in high school in softball's field. Collin was wondering if their ways is still working in his generation. Sera was coming back from practice telling Yisoo someone will come to see the house. sera and Yisoo will move to one room. Yisoo told Sera collin move to her class. Sera asked why she accept it. Yisoo told her even if they separate, she still can see him as the parents. Collin and Yisoo fave student skip lesson and go to nurse room. Yisoo found them, and told collin to call his parents. Dojin who come said that in this hour Yisoo was just miss him and want him to come. On the way back. Dojin listen to other teacher who was talking about Yisoo who was dating someone who had kids. Dojin hear that with sad expression. Yisoo sent him message to meet him next time. It was picnic time for Dojin and Yisoo. Yisoo told Dojin to sit and give him chopstick. She told him to give her food then eat by himself, since she was already work hard Yisoo told Dojin that she like him. Dojin said even they love each other Yisoo is not the one for him. Yisoo said, i told you i will go to you, u just stand there and wait. Then she just hug him. After letting him go, she just eat sandwich in tears. Yisoo was back in her room with Dojin. She told Dojin to come in. She lay in bed and told DOjin to sit and pat her to sleep. She said she was working hard so Dojin has to pat her. Dojin was sitting and pat her head while Yisoo was crying in sleep. Dojin's eyes was also red holding back tears. Dojin got out and thinking in his car. Some men (who looked for Yisoo before) come to Yisoo's front house. She was meeting the guys in the cafe. The guys want Yisoo to sign some contract saying that Yisoo already take the money instead her mother. (the guys was Yisoo's mother ex husband childern) Yisoo went crying to the bathroom, when she come back some glass was broken in the floor. The guy suddenly said to forget everything and left. When yisoo want to leave, the waitress told her to pay all the damage. The waitress record the scene for proff. From the video, Yisoo found out the 4 guys was there to defend her. Teesan the rough brother, Jungrok the rich brother, Yoon the lawyer brother and Dojin the brother who love her. Yisoo watched everything and hear dojin said the brother who love her. She went outside to look for them but no sight. The 3 guys was in floor cooking food for the death anniversary for Yoon's wife. Yoon was touched . They were setting the ceremony in Yoon's late wife house. Yoon's mother in law told them to stop do that, only until this year. And then told them to look someone for Yoon. Ahri was in Yoon's ex wife ash and picture. She told her that she know she shouldn't do that and feel sorry. And then told her she love Yoon and help her. She was crying while saying that. They 4 guys saw it from a far. Teesan was speechless. Dojin and jungrok meet in cafe worrying about Teesan and Yoon. yoon was still in his ex wife ash place and Teesan was thinking in his house. Yisoo was waiting for Dojin in the park near his aprtment. She was carrying a present box. Dojin asked if Yisoo already wait for long time. Yisoo said yes, and told him not to let her wait again. she saw Dojin the inside of the box. a pair of shoes. She put it in front of DOjin. telling DOjin, to wear it when meeting her (just like what DOjin did to her before) The end no preview
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