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The episode 15 rating was 23.5 % The previous episode rating was 21.6% and the new rating was up by 1.5 point from the highest rating ever which was aired on 30 june. And this was a big hit compared to the other weekend drama time slip dr jin which rating was only 12.1%. I guess Korean was ready for a new generation of drama like A gentleman's dignity. Stay tune for the few last episode of A gentleman's DIgnity
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50..? no2...too long....i think 20 ep would be just nice...even though i wish it has ended...since i'm always dying to wait for saturday and sunday to come...toooooo long to wait for the next weekend to come...hehii....loving this drama..!!!
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This drama has 20episodes.
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agree.. 20eps just nice n enough, but hope the end story is realistic.. AGD fighting!!!
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Yeah this drama was a hit since episode 10(20.3%) and it's getting better and better
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episode 16 broke its record again. slighty higher: 23.7%. i'm expecting next week :)
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