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Yoga and pilates have so many similarities, and this workout takes the best of both. The Mountain and Downward Dog poses stretch you out, while the plank gets your muscles moving! This is a great way to start the day and pulls from the Sun Salutation series A, a very common yoga routine. "1. Start with this Sun Salutation A series "to warm the body up, elevate the heart and breathing rates, and to warm up the bigger muscles of the body including the core, chest, and leg muscles," Julie said. Begin standing in Mountain Pose with the feet touching and stretch the arms to the ceiling. With a straight back, hinge forward from the hips and swan dive to a forward fold. Lengthen the lower back to stretch the back and the back of legs to the halfway lift position. 2. Lower your chest toward your thighs and press your hands to the mat, stepping back to high plank, making sure your elbows are over your wrists and your back is straight. Lower to Low Plank by bending your elbows until you are a few inches from the ground. 3.From Low Plank, continue to lower your body to the floor, then pull your chest up through the frame of your arms. Press the hips back, stretch arms, and rest in Downward Dog. Hold Downward Dog for two breaths. 4. Step or hop the feet forward to the front of the mat. Lengthen to the halfway lift, making sure your back is flat. Lower your upper body toward your legs, then lengthen the spine and lift your back to the standing position. Repeat two times. Transition: Step or jump the feet to the front of the mat and then lie down on your back with your knees pulled into your chest. Repeat the entire Sun Salutation A sequence two times, then move on to the next slide."
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this seems like one of the best way to start my morning :) a 10 minutes pilates routine followed by a nice cup of coffee! thanks @nokcha for the routines details :)