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I can sit here all day with my coffee and book in hand, love it!!
@ameliasantos10 first you invite yourself over to my place of zen and sanctuary now you want a drink?!....Sis, it's in the fridge go help yourself, lolz
@ameliasantos10 of course it is!! its a pic of my backyard, dont you know i have a badass zen tranquility-ish place....umm, yeah!! @dillonk if you dont mind? could you scoot over on the hammock, thanks, lolz
Yes! Hahah I would love to join you :) @cheefulcallie
@cheerfulcallie hahahahahha i will consider whether i want to grab your icecream or not! and well even though @dillonk might not appreciate my presence but if you guys come over I can guarantee you that my fridge will be full! hahaha
@ameliasantos10 and we do, thats why i said, its in the fridge help, i dont want lemonade but can you grab me an ice cream bar? thanks...*looks at @dillonk * would you like one?...btw if amelia ever stops by your house make sure you have plenty of food, she's a foodie like me, be ready to feed us, lolz (*_*)
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